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  1. I didn't see his review before posting mine. I wanted Betaal to be good and i like the zombie genre and the recent web series like Asur, Pataal Lok have been decent if not great. But it turned out to be tatti. Just cause of lockdown and no internet I went through the whole four episodes, using shift-skip. Different people have different tastes though. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Betaal - So bad. Cringey. Horrible acting. I don't know why Netflix keeps endorsing garbage like these. And the zombies look like they were designed by some 5 year old.
  3. Exactly my thought. Like the plot didn't go anywhere and the ending was really weak, to the point where the whole show didn't make any sense. Great characterization and acting by everyone though. 7/10
  4. Next free games could be: Civilization 6 Borderlands 1 Ark
  5. The only chapter i read before this corona virus sh*t is how the economy was failing hardcore. 20L CRORE "PACKAGE". waah modiji waah.
  6. Saw Demolition. Amazing movie. Jake Gyllenhaal needs to make more movies. Also while checking his IMDB, came across The Division. Didnt knew they were making a movie on the game.
  7. Watched 'The Other Son'. Good watch has a really deep meaning and kinda thought provoking that our identity (religion, status, finance, everything) is just based on the family in which we are born into. Could've been anyone at the end of the day, could've been wearing someone else's shoes.
  8. *Are you surprised, why Wine Shops were opened today* Because of GST fight between Central Government and State Governments. Central Government is not processing Refund of State share of GST collection. Its basically the collapse of GST mechanism and Federalism in one way. There is huge cash crunch in State Exchequer, such that States are not able to pay the salaries to its staff. The only intent of opening Daroo Thekas was to Get more revenue which is not to be shared with the Centre. Excise on Liquor isn’t covered by GST. <WhatsApp Forward> I didn't knew alcohol doesn't come under GST regime. Like one of the most common luxurious item is out of GST and people are paying 18% tax to buy a box of screw. How shallow and f**ked up it is.
  9. All the lockdown and sh*t will eventually accomplish nothing at the end. IMO let survival of the fittest prevail. Let people have their daaru and die in peace with some corona on the sides.
  10. THE LAST KINGDOM S04 has released.
  11. Just few days back saw English Medium. When I read the news about his death, I thought it was some type of dumb click bait sh*t but then it was true. RIP. The Platform/El Hoyo: Good movie with a nice message, especially for times like these. 😜
  12. From what I heard a women was beaten up so badly that she urinated on the spot in fear. This led to people getting agitated. Something must've kicked the hornets nest. But its totally wrong for people to create such ruckus during these times. Saw some guy doing a flying kick in lungi, like they taking some sort of vengeance from the cops. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Btw can some get infected again after recovering? Like chicken pox doesn't happen twice, is it the same with Corona?
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