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  1. Why are you even comparing steam deck and switch with portal? Where is the logical comparison here? Portal is just a streaming device, needs a ps5 to work. Switch and steamdeck have their own complete gaming library
  2. Guys quick question- Is Delhi to Ajmer drive an enoyable one? Or am I better off travelling via volvo bus /train? Going on friday. Planning a solo drive , will leave at 8 am so should reach by 3.30 or 4pm there
  3. How does it matter if anime titties get censored out? As long as the game is good
  4. I guess people eventually grow out of hobbies and move on to new ones. I used game daily but now i dont turn on my console for months at a stretch.
  5. Goosebumps series on disney + hotstar is pretty good, finished watching yesterday
  6. Over the longer run spiderman will not cross 7-8 million, mario will easily cross 20
  7. The USB port is too small for the headset dongle
  8. How are you guys getting time to slice through so many games back to back, while posting here 24/7 at the same time?
  9. If you don't have internet for some reason, ps5 is basically unusable with this.
  10. Classic Hope behavior
  11. Im moving houses again, can anyone lend/sell me the packaging of their Lg oled tv (55inch)? Im in delhi ncr
  12. Would be cool to have cod games on gamepass, wanted to play mw 2 remake and world at war
  13. Its 399 right? So 100 dollars cheaper than disc version. The design looks pretty neat, although the rectangular monolith design is pretty good too
  14. Ok. Its still better, story and gameplay wise. Edit-: Genre isnt different, just the gameplay styles are
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