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  1. Its excellent. A lot of sections were cut from the ps1 game but its worth a playthrough
  2. Yes she is actively funding politicians who are trying to pass the legislations, however what she says is correct. Just because you identify as a woman does not change your biology. It's ok to create separate washrooms etc for trans people however their demand to give them access to women's restrooms, prisons etc is ridiculous imo
  3. Wierd that they aren't going with a chloe /nadine sequel. Their dynamic was great in lost legacy
  4. MS loves cramming all releases in the holiday window to push xbox sales, so Starfield is probably getting pushed to Nov-Dec'23 or 2024.
  5. Target audience is completely different. Xbros exclusively play fp shooters/multiplayers so Redfall will be fine
  6. There is 0 chance ff7 rebirth bombs. Ff16 too looks amazing so far.
  7. Chamber of secrets is the best HP game imo.
  8. I loved all the older Harry potter games. Excited for this one, it looks great.
  9. Started sorcerer's stone in anticipation of this game-:
  10. I think the demo put off a lot of people. Not sure about the sales. Hopefully ff16 can redeem them but they have had back to back Ls in 2022. Crisis core reunion and Star ocean 6 received great reviews but I don't think the sales were high enough.
  11. Yeah but they have been facing back to back bombs in 2022
  12. Yeah hope that does well.
  13. Sadly this will impact Squareenix tremendously, hope future FF and Kingdom hearts games aren't in jeopardy
  14. Those arent the prices switch games sell for. Brand new releases cost around 3.8k, while used games trade between 3k to 3.5k depending on the game. Botw goes for 3.7k brand new or 3-3.1k uses But yes, Nintendo first party games normally dont drop below 3k even for older ones as they become collectible over time.
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