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  1. Deaths door isnt published by a MS owned studio. Holy cow where are you getting your info from? in fact Sony owns a stake in Devolver digital
  2. Deaths door isnt an xbox exclusive lmao . Its literally on every platform
  3. Buying xbox over a pc is a matter of personal preference and budget. I find consoles extremely convenient. Also, it doesn't hurt that building a comparable PC would set me back atleast 1 lakh (the argument of incremental upgrade is pointless as lots of people dont have the basic desktop setup).
  4. It's not a mistake, it's done intentionally to catfish buyers.
  5. Langar is a free for all meal organized by Gurudwaras. Normally it's organized daily so that people can come and eat, basically a charitable act.
  6. Resuce rangers getting good reviews. Can't wait for the 20th https://www.ign.com/articles/chip-n-dale-rescue-rangers-review-disney-plus
  7. Completed this game over the weekend. Its very fun with a decent story. The fairytale visuals look amazing. Well worth playing The best part is the combat which is quite different from a straight up hack and slash.
  8. No, SE would have made them regardless. You do realize FF7 is regarded as one of the greatest RPGs of all time, if not the greatest? And FF15 sold over 9.5 million units. Final Fantasy is one of the biggest names in RPGs. For games such as Kena, I agree Sony had a major role in Marketing. They treated it as a flagship title for ps5 and justifiably so. The game is beautiful.
  9. Yes exactly. Had it not been for marketing by Sony, the game would probably have gone under the radar.
  10. I did say king of the consoles, and not king of gaming.
  11. Completed it in 2 days. Absolutely amazing game! No wonder Playstation is the king of consoles.
  12. Ps5 drop at 12 noon today. Keep your butts clenched.
  13. Weren't xbots proclaiming xbox as the console of this year based on starfield?
  14. Im going to download it through gamepass on the weekend. It looks excellent.
  15. Things will be held back as long as Series S (L) is in the picture
  16. Mx2 is legit. They are scalpers but are legit.
  17. Trek to Yomi is mediocre. However, gamepass is excellent value as I did not have to spend anything extra to play it on release.
  18. I completed this yesterday. It can be done in 1 sitting. The art is beautiful but the gameplay gets pretty repetitive. Still worth playing once, especially if you have gamepass.
  19. It did. As a special reserve game. Its still in stock so grab https://specialreservegames.com/weird-west-ps4-reserve/
  20. Completed Trek to yomi. Art is beautiful, game is extremely repetitive.
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