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  1. Yes both amazon and FK have this problem now. I think they are hiring untrained warehouse/delivery guys, which is why the quality of deliveries and packing has dipped severely post lockdown.
  2. For all items together. They calculate it over the invoice value, although number of items is mentioned.
  3. Aramex handling fee is only inr 450. Customs depends on the invoice value, and is around 55-65% depending on the category. I normally underinvoice my stuff while reshipping from stackry
  4. Yes ive used stackry extensively. They give you a locker and address, phone number. You just get the item shipped to the unique address assigned to you. Once they recieve the item you have approx 35-40 days to consolidate all packages and have them reship it to India as 1 package via aramex, fedex etc (they have 2-3 options). I normally use them for ebay packages where sellers dont ship directly.
  5. Use a freight forwarder such as stackry or aramex. Although it will attract import duty.
  6. I think it didn't review well.
  7. Unpopular take but i really liked the van helsing game on ps2
  8. The customer care guys called me and assured that the return would be processed. But I'll go with Ingram now, as they seem to be screwing around
  9. At this point FK is just f**king with me. I raise it on their twitter, someone calls me and raises a return. By evening the seller (Supercomnet) rejects it again. Its a cycle now Latest reason for rejecting return being "Problem solved by troubleshooting". The f**ktarts troubleshooted whey protein
  10. Yes prices have skyrocketed for sure. Let me check Apollo, they do seem to have some stock. Fking flipkart my money is still stuck with them
  11. Do you have details for any authorised dealer for On gold whey in delhi/ncr? I think Appolo pharmacy also sells it but not sure
  12. Yeah, the whey used to be legit from Flipkart supercomnet earlier. I havent bought one for a while , it seems they are f**ked up now.
  13. Has anyone had an experience returning /replacing an item via flipkart? They delivered a duplicate item to me last week, which i flagged and it was supposed to be replaced. However, on the day the courier guy was supposed to replace it he marked the package as return item rejected. I called him on the number provided by flipkart and upon explaining my concern he disconnected my call and blocked me. Thereafter ive been having a back and forth with flipkart support on twitter where they keep reassuring me the resolution will be provided however today I receive a message that the return has been cancelled completely. This is for the item purchased via SuperComnet, their first party seller. Would appreciate if some of you can retweet or comment on this-:
  14. Scalper price was approx 56-57k before price hike.
  15. I've heard good things about hisense, maybe check those out too. Reliance digital and Croma stock them too
  16. The game is amazing. I completed it on a ps4 slim and the performance was great
  17. Valkyrie elysium demo is awesome. Considering getting it day 1
  18. Is it easier than soulsbourne games? I really want to play this but i can't go through that torture of souls games
  19. Best news in years. They should have picked him as Batman/another superhero long back, dude would have killed it.
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