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  1. People have pirate mentality here. Even when games are fairly affordable on PC, same people dropping upwards of a lakh on gpu hunt for cracks and mods online. Shameless.
  2. Imagine being that desperate for xbox that you'd buy a 75k bundle
  3. What has this thread turned to. Guess no new games coming soon. f**k Sony, I blame them
  4. Dude no offence, but the amount of time you spend ranting on this forum about not getting a ps5, if you actually used some of that to join a few discords you would've already got 1 for mrp. There are plenty of gamers who've been selling one at MRP.
  5. There is no such rule in US afaik. They have RRP and not MRP.
  6. Im also interested in coop if there is cross play on xbox and PC
  7. Have you enabled international transaction on CC? It's disabled by default
  8. Are you playing coop with someone? Or can AI take control of the 2nd player?
  9. Same. I think they are not issuing it to people who order regularly
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