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  1. You know what? Suddenly yesterday midnight I got a email with Playstation Offers.. had a suspicion and found out I could really reset my password and actually change my ID. WTF: No One from Sony India Came back. Took the opportunity and got my account back.. Changing it to NZ now!! Darn man!! F*** So stupid Indian counterpart of PSN. Just imagine how messy will it be if there is a major hack in Indian accounts.
  2. In recent times didn't logged in to my PS4 so it was left out. Sigh!! I regret not doing it now!!
  3. These guys are driving me nuts!! Says will take 2 week to fix it. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's My ID - My Account and they can't help me with.. this is their reply..!! What's wrong here... hate PSN now!!
  4. Bugger!! So many info they want.. Indian PSN. Been more than 24 hours and I am really pissed off by the service. Microsoft is far better!! Greetings from Sony India! This is in regards to your e-mail received regarding your Playstation Network Account. As per your e-mail, we would request you to confirm the below mentioned details so that we can assist you in better way. Your registered e-mail Address on PSN Your online ID Date of account creation Date of birth registered with account Five Online ID's of your friends Your Identity proof snap shot with date of birth mentioned clearly (Driving license/passport) Last two transactions details Snapshot of Model number and serial number of the console playstation. Note : If your age is below 18 then, Kindly send the details from your parents e-mail id along with his/her ID proof. If you need any further assistance or clarification please feel free to contact us at our toll free number.
  5. Hi Guys, Yesterday 8.36PM NZST, 2:06PM IST I got the below email that my email ID has changed. Has anyone else been effected in Indian region (typically under EU)? My ID is BinocularCrab4 and I can't login to my PSN ID/account anymore. Thank fully my CC details expired hence no purchases were made not sure if anyone tried doing anything as the email ID is changed. Freak!!
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