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  1. @AnK - bhai Ps5 lelo yar , next sale might very well be the last one until new years eve .. and this is coming from someone who has a backlog of 8-9 Ps4 games that have no Ps5 upgrade path .. P.S - Would have posted mine with pics ( got delivered in 10 days from shop@sc ) but don’t know how to embed a link so that it automatically shows the pic so din’t bother . Games like - Spiderman MM / Spidey Remastered , Demon’s Souls , Scarlet Nexus , It Takes two , Astro’s Playroom , A Plague Tale , & (TLOU 2 , God Of War - If you still haven’t played those) - will make it worth your while .. i went from Ps4 to Ps5 & the change i can see is surreal . The chip shortage will continue uptil late 2022 & there are rumours of prices going up by 100$ .
  2. Guys i got the Ps5 today aswell , Shop at Sony , was my second attempt .. Last time i didn’t know how to order so just started typing in my details 😂
  3. Need two trophies - ‘ Brother in Arms ‘ ’ Changing Lanes ‘ If you’re also looking for the same , kindly let me know .. we’ll help each other !
  4. Need help with “STOCKED” Trophy for Rocket League Platinum . Just want some kind person to trade any 1 random item from their inventory with me back and forth a few times for this trophy .. Please post your psn id here if you can help . P.S - You can only do this if you have bought the 500 credits ‘ or’ The rocket pass AND are level 30 in your career stats . thanks . Looking forward to your help . D.M me if you can !
  5. Khelta hu bhai , ps4 pe .. heheh .. Ps5 jab tak nhi aata , tu apne player ki Maalish krle ache se !
  6. Finished this today on my regular Ps4 + HDR 10 1080p LED tv . The whole game i kept thinking , what’s the need for a Ps5 if a game can look & play so good on a Ps4 ? Amazeballs game , will be starting my 2nd playthrough with different choices in a while , today itself !
  7. Looking for PS4 player(s) to help each other complete trophies with & play a few matches along the way ... those interested , leave your PSN ID & Preferable time below !
  8. Looking for someone to complete Cricket 19 Trophies with ( Ps4 ) . D.M me !
  9. Just found a cute reddit post , was wondering if reddit videos are allowed here or not ?
  10. If you feel AO tennis is better then good for you guys , i was answering Ank’s question in regards to him not playing tennis since PSone days ... And with the game now out on PS plus , online connectivity shouldn’t be a problem .. I don’t see how he loses out by downloading the game lol .
  11. Detroit : Become Human , Will play Metro : Last Light Redux next !
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