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  1. Dragon ball is a series that introduced me to some of the best over the top fights I've seen and over the years introduced a multiverse full of amaze.I did a special something to mark the release of the game, CC2 is one of my favorite devs and i fell great starting a new decade with their work. For this unboxing i wanted to skip the same old linear approach and try something new. Do watch it till the end, along with it being in English i have used Japanese in this as well & have provided the necessary translation in subtitles. Also there are two special guests in this one, check out what's what. So feel at home, have fun & enjoy
  2. I guess this will go here, i need a tripod that i can use to shoot at a small height like at a horizontal table angle or a 45 degree angel where i will mount the phone and make it look down a bit to shoot. Like on a bed to do some unboxings. Which tripod should i look for. My primary shooters are my note 10+ and my note 5. And thus i need a phone mount as well. The monfretto pixi mini has caught my eye but i have no experience with tripods so can you guys help out. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  3. Ah yes sources sources IGN - Reports suggest a Nintendo Switch "Pro" model could be released by mid-2020. https://in.ign.com/nintendo-nx-1/143430/news/nintendo-switch-pro-may-be-released-in-2020-report A move nintendo had to make with the existance of this thingamajig https://www.ign.com/videos/2020/01/06/alienware-unveils-concept-ufo-a-switch-like-handheld-pc?sf115495591=1 Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  4. I have the PS4 Pro and X1X for games like RDR2. That is no concern. This point you mentioned is what i am expecting nintendo to do, A decent PS4 --> PS4 Pro kind of jump, that will give a good handheld 1080p screen with fluid vivid colors, i have seen that 720p up close man a couple of times with some pokemon players i know and the colors seem dull, they don't even pop a bit, again i guess it's a personal preference, but definitely made me hold up for a switch mid gen update. They did improve the battery very well with the HAC-001(-01). All that is left is the screen and a slightly updated processor. If you guys think i downright want a switch 2 then you have mistaken, i know it's too early and nintendo shouldn't do it. But i am waiting for that 3DS to 3DS XL kind of leap, the bezels on the switch are too much for a new buyer, please do understand that, i am not hating on your purchase but, i can't stand them, those are too big, at least shrink them a inch. That is the stuff i want from a pro, again not the total new console you guys thought i was expecting.
  5. I never said that, i always like playing with controllers so i am going to get a controller. Secondly i have gamed for 25 years of my life and don't give a crap about currently trending sh*t. Before making assumptions and targeting someone you should think wisely. This is a public forum that works on a question answer basis. It does not work on formulating opinions about someone and answering accordingly. Also if you want sources here are 3 articles released today, https://www.gamesradar.com/switch-pro-4k-analyst-prediction/ https://www.techspot.com/news/83389-analyst-4k-capable-nintendo-switch-pro-arrive-year.html https://hypebeast.com/2020/1/nintendo-switch-pro-predicted-rumored-2020 Here is a Video about the Red dead 2 having some switch controller design found in game And finally here is a proper discussion that is a no brainier that Nintendo will release a switch pro this year, they have hired system architects and UI Designers for it, obviously they wouldn't want to lose out to PS5 and Xbox Series X during holiday 2020 sales. So do forbid yourself from making personal attacks next time.
  6. This should go without saying and should work but gonna ask anyway, Will a nintendo pro controller purchased from australia work properly on a US switch unit [planning on purchasing when this switch pro releases]. These are two different region products already and i will be using a converter to use the charger that comes with the switch. You'd say why are you buying it now well, a] Amazon US has it for $55 but it is not delivering this particular item to my location, even though it's sold by and shipped by amazon . com b] Amazon india has it for Rs.10k and discounted to Rs.7k that is just too much So considering it uses a CTR-03 battery it will stay good right if i don't charge it for the foreseeable future till i get the switch ? Can i use a power bank and USB cable to charge it without any damage. Do you have to keep replacing this battery after a few years, because i never had to change my Dualshock 3 or 4 batteries till now ever, i feel like since they are usb charged they will last for a long time, is the pro controller the same longevity wise ?
  7. Mujhe mere paiso ko faltu mai nahi karna Ditch Ditch Ditch !
  8. I was just checking deals on Australian sites like ebgames an xbox 1x was selling for AUD$470 while the switch was going for AUD$460. No discount and still inferior hardware. Even VITA had a better screen. Nintendo is just going by the generation flow of screen res. Like 8bit 16but 32bit and so on. 720p is inexcusable in 2020. Last year they should have given us that 1080p screen. I am falling behind here but ju is t can't pull the trigger on the purchase the colors looked so dull on my friend's OG switch i loved my PSP more than that. Damn i wish nintendo would just cater the demanding crowd. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  9. So i can make any region account on switch nice. But can i play any region dlc on an Australian switch? I will mostly make a US account on switch. Do i need a US address for it like on Playstation? Also i know switch will never compete on hw power with Microsoft and sony but i at least expect a 1080p screen. 1080p is even outdated on phones and idk why nintendo is hell bent on using a 2007 720p technology. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  10. Does anyone of you guys seen RDR2 on both PS4 Pro and X1X ? I am inclined a bit towards X1X as my PS4 Pro makes loud fan noise on high graphic games like God of war, horizon, AC odessy. But the noise is alarmingly high on GOW resolution mode at the point i feel the fan might snap and blow up the console. RDR2 seems to have high graphics as well, i have played games like Forza horizon 4, outer worlds on Xbox one X but the console is so quite i feel like i have a noctua fan in there. Also how do the DLCs work on xbox, for ps4 if i have a US edition then AFAIK i have to make a US account redeem DLCs there download and play on the indian account. Are Xbox DLCs region locked as well?
  11. Hey guys will Red dead redemption 2 ever get a GOTY edition ? I checked out digital foundry's comparison between the xbox 1x and ps4 pro version but i am not able to notice the difference with the youtube videos, i would love to know from the owners here which version should i get, currently the RDR2 ultimate edition is for AUD$88 will i have trouble redeeming it's DLCs on xbox ? Are there any future big DLCs on the way ? Not able to find anything concrete online, all i am get is the looming GTA6 news
  12. Thanks for the fast reply man much appreciate it, i will plug the Xbox one controller and charge on the console with the cable given with the kit. Also i will connect it to play on pc with the same cable will there be a problem there or is it safe. With your assurance I'm going to buy it for sure just need to know the PC connection part
  13. I have a relative coming from australia, If i get a controller for PS4 or an xbox one plug and play charge kit from there will it cause any charging trouble or voltage trouble to the console or the controller here in india as our voltage is different
  14. I maybe able to get the switch from a relative coming from Australia, but i want to know is that which digital store offers the best discount for switch games either on holiday sales or random sales, mario kart 8 deluxe is still going for 4k+ here on our many online retailers, so that is why i want to get a switch of a region who's digital store is cost efficient, is it the US switch only ? I inquired but my relative said US switch is not available in Australia at shops like EBGames, target etc. Here the new switch costs 29k which i feel is too much for it, at max I'll pay around the Rs.22k US price. Also should i wait for the much rumored Switch pro, frankly i don't like the dull 720p screen i checked it out at a friend who had pokemon let's go. Nintendo always does this crap releasing a superior version of the console a few good years later, and late buyers like me have a tough call. I also hate those ugly bezels. But what i do love are the games mario kart, super smash, zelda, xenoblade etc damn nintendo does make life hard :(
  15. This is kinda a joke namco bandai have an office here in goregaon and they used to bring all the special physical editions here like those of naruto storm series idk why they are just bringing the standard one now especially when the season pass will be important for many DLC this game may have. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
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