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  1. Even that helps man thanks a ton, i am planning to stream is 25 Mbps upload enough i wonder
  2. How was your gaming experience on hathway especially if it was with the fat coaxial cable connection? Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  3. Hot off the phone from hathway local cable guy, here is the router they have recommend me for 2.4 and 5Ghz net, does anyone use this and is it good for 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps to get exact speeds and 2bhk range connectivity. They are saying they can only provide coaxial cable for me, is it good for competitive online gaming? The plan they are giving is double wifi dhamaka Price 3600 50Mbps DL 25Mbps UL 1000GB FUP 4Months Will this be a temporary diwali plans? Or can i keep renuing it for a couple of years down the line till better plans come? Hathway has some hidden clauses and they change plans to their favour so just asking. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  4. Has hathway and Jio gigafiber merged by now, our local cable guy told my aunt that don't buy any other set top box aab diwali ke baad jio aayega, upon her asking if it's confirmed he said talks are on but pakka news nahi hai. now what do it freaking make for it, i am waiting for jio to come for 1 and a 1/2 years now, i kept my sh*t mtnl costly connection that ambani ji will bring the best net to us in borivali east, they even took tests in borivali west, par 2-3 shadi se fursat nahi mili lagta hum logo ko dry choda hai, aab mujhe jake greeta jaise nare lagane padenge "how dare you" ke tab unko east ke hum logo ka bhala karne ka samaj aayega. Sometimes i wonder if the rich & gujju area of borivali west is favored more than the non cosmopolitan borivali east side. Sorry i don't even want to make any cast discussions, but as a net user in borivali east, shantivan side, we have been royally screwed for a decade now, with infrastructure reaching us very late, late as in example getting hands on a PS4 now when the PS5 is a year away from release. Even i reached out to a friend on hathway nancy side, he is using the Rs.9600/6 Months HD Bliss plan and he still gets 3Mbps upload and can't even use share play or whatever PS4 streaming feature that is. Sorry sorry again for being so angry, it's like wherever i go i am between a rock and a hard place.
  5. I am told by Mayekar broadband to buy TP-Link C20 router as they wont provide one, of course i will go for it only when they confirm they give the net in my area, but for now, if i do buy this router will it work with hathway and/or jio fiber ? In investing money i'd like to make an investment in a way that if i get mayekar and do not like it, i can at least reuse the router and save money.
  6. Anyone using Mayekar broadband it's a company i found in borivali dahisar area, i don't know how stable they are the quality of service & customer care they provide, are they good for gaming and streaming, if anyone has any experience with them in other area do let me know. This is their website http://mayekarbroadband.com/ Here are the plans they WhatsApp'ed me.
  7. Not in borivali east where i live, there is politican ownership of hathway by sai star and gournment net mtnl, even a net provider called mayekar says he can't enter our area, upon asking why he did not reply but gave reason in a gloomy voice that it might take a year. But tikona which used to provide net in our area said that they don't do so anymore because hathway people break their cable networks, same with airtel. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  8. Damn that sucks, i am currently using MTnl 6Mbps plan that only gives me 2-3 Mbps DL and 0.6 Mbps UL. MTNL and Hathway are the only monopolized net players in my area. So should i go for it, the guy said I'll get 2 choices of cable 1 that fat cable or another RJ something cable, which cable should i get for lag free gaming. Also which router should i get are the ones they give good I'll need a 4 LAN Port model. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  9. Ok so i tried getting Jio fiber both with app and online registration process and did not get a callback, only got a message saying currently they are expanding and i should wait, for how long it wasen't mentioned, i called jio fiber CC number and they had no clue about the availability in my area nor any area as they saying they have no system to check area coverage which seems like a joke since the cores of money jio is racking up over the years, it's hard to believe they have not developed a software to digitally monitor coverage. So now i only have hathway as an option, in the borivali area they say they have a plan of 50 Mbps with 1/2 upload around 25 Mbps, 1000 GB download, 3658 price for 4 months, no installation or router charges, and they say the plan will continue and is not just a introductory plan for a new user, is this legit, does someone use such a plan in mumbai ? If so how does it perform for gaming, actually how does even a lower hathway plan like 8 Mbps DL and 2 Mbps UL perform for demanding games like NFS, Forza, COD etc i will be playing games that require minimal latency, lag, frame drops etc, please help, i have to book it as soon as possible.
  10. NitroNeo

    WWE 2K20

    So i commented a month back on wwe 2k FB page that i am unable to use the pin system, someone posted that the pin system can be changed to the old one, but i am unable to find it ? Will there be only one pin system in this game ? I though 2K would save WWE back in the day THQ went out, but now when i look at it, i haven't been able to play a WWE game for 77 years now firstly as i didn't have a PS4 and now even the AI can pin me and i can't get up, the pin system sucks, even FIFA removed similar type of mechanism they used for Pens. Do keep in mind that i have weak eye vision and i can't do anything to master the pin system that requires you to focus on a green zone and stopping the rapidly moving pointer in it, as the green zone even shrinks if you make a mistake. So to come back to the point can i change the pin break system to anything else if yes how does that work ?
  11. NitroNeo

    Borderlands 3

    Ah ok i don't like to constantly roam and fight enemies, can i just roam around and explore without engaging in combat every few steps after i clear one area? This will be my first BL game Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  12. I just want NFS to be NFS, not a forza aspirant, the morning racing has me worried, i like forza horizon but the NOS less racing isn't my main arcade racer, if you are going to make a street racer it should handle like one, all these Arcsims out there are ruining arcade racing. I just want NFS to be itself again, no burnout driving other than collision mechanics, no break to drift as it feels more like ridge racer which in turn doesn't allow you to soak in the scenery on the turns and can't restate this enough no forza horizon or that arcsim BS, leave my arcade racers alone, that driveclub killed my beloved motorstorm series, i don't want NFS to die as well to some NOS hating game devs.
  13. Did't like the demo much, is the final game any better on PS4? Or should i wait for a holiday sale a couple months later ?
  14. NitroNeo


    If this is better than that cult classic dragon's dogma, i would be interested, people tried to hype it, i too liked it at first but got bored quickly with an empty world, this game seems to be like that with empty towns i hope it can justify such a empty world.
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