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  1. Thanks don't see FK or amazon selling them though. I will check offline stores any idea of MSRP? Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  2. Yeah these would work as well, but for TV viewing and gaming are these kind of speakers better or soundbar + subwoofer like stage 160w. Priority is no loss of sound and to hear all audio clearly, like i mentioned in the TV thread a while back in diablo 3 when 4 people were talking i heard half of them and the other half were talking so silently i would hear whispers on tv speakers. I assume connecting with hdmi arc/earc would give the best sound but, if i am connecting with a Aux cable or Optical cable which would offer sound on nearly the same level of HDMI
  3. Any good quality 2.1 setup for TV with 3.5mm or optical ports under 10k ? All my HDMI ports on TV will be used up once PS5 launches so 3.5mm connection or optical is the only way to go for me. Non Chinese brand, yes manufactured in china will have to do since we can't do anything about it. I only found creative stage 160W but i would like to know if there are any more good products out there, not strictly reserved to a soundbar and subwoofer format, that will do and also the traditional kind like 2 speakers and a subwoofer.
  4. After watching this video do avoid samsung q90/95t it's not even worth it at the price, The colors are just meh, I've seen the Q95T in person and it's dull like that, if you are going to spend that much then try other options. Also some of the threads I've seen on hifivision about how horrible samsung service is i can vouch for that as well as they gave me alot of trouble replacing my then new note 10+ and even after replacement it's issue never went away, FYI people reporting samsung service engineers trying their best to avoid replacing the product it's damn real happened for my phone as well.
  5. Samsung TUE60 55 inch goes for 50k around sales. I think hussain here bought it. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  6. I once had to go to customs 8-9 years ago just because they thought my figurines were 70,000 Rs, when on box it was written and i pointed it out it was written 7,000 yen which was Rs.3000 back then, the people were literate scum, they said sorry for their debacle and still i had to pay them Rs.3600 just to get my figurines, they were also discussing back then how they will milk a few golf sticks or something someone else ordered and was left duty unpaid at their office. These people are not dumb do understand that, on the contrary they are smarter than us, back then they knew everything from paypal and sometimes safe declarations people use to get objects duty free, now they are just abusing their power with govt. supporting them with outrageous duties on figurines and now like bird said it seems everything is a go.
  7. Just some friendly advice, i use a benq FHD RL24, and since my TV is broken i use the monitor, games like fall guys, NFS and especially AC Odyssey look bad, idk if it's because i am using a console on a PC Monitor, but do check LG and samsung monitors, animme looks good on the benq monitor, i don't play many shooters to tell you about 1ms Response time i have, bt i played apex with friends and due to our cable net being bad with pings i didn't know if the RT was working well. PQ on benq leaves alot to be desired for console gaming at least, i don't feel much immersion like the PQ is sucking me in, and benq speakers are plain bad if you ever need to use it as a TV in a pinch. For PC you'd use a speaker set anyway so no worries.
  8. The custom duty is actually range from 20-60% max, there have been horror stories of indian figurine collectors being charged almost 80% of duty for a 6-8 inch figure with no big box packaging, and customs damage the boxes as well, really bad for collectors, i myself was once charged around 70% duty 5 years back for a figurine, this new law will screw us, by this they can charge full price duty of the products especially the ones that are not tiny packages.
  9. They seem to deem foreign imports as Chinese, apne ko chu bana rahe hai, that duty for a dbrand skin is unreasonable, i usually order that kind of stuff from amazon US, so they take a reasonable amount of import fee deposit, and since amazon us does your KYC, you will get the items without more added custom duty, aramax used to handle that, idk how that works now though, due to covid stuff i haven't ordered anything from outside india this year.
  10. Good to hear, since duty on figurines have skyrocketed, i am not sure about anything with the greedy custom dept.
  11. So let me get this straight, i will use the TV optical port to connect it to an audio player system with usb slot then connect the usb drive through it, so by doing that i will be able to hear the DTS audio ?
  12. Did anyone import anything from a website outside India recently, i was looking to import a shirt from a Japanese website and idk if doing that will give custom clearance issues, i don't want to be summoned to the custom office right now where the COVID risk will be high. Normally pre-covid, my orders would reach home and i only had to pay the duty if it was applied, is it still like that or there have been major changes, if there are then please let me know what's happening these days with these foreign imports we do on a personal shopping basis
  13. For LG CX DTS and other codec issues, can we connect the usb drive to the playstation or xbox and then play the movie with the console ? Will doing that make the LG CX normally output unsupported DTS audio or any other unsupported audio and video formats ?
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