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  1. Nope but it's strange that someone didn't play the game which was out for like 3 years+
  2. To be fair GOW was the best game.
  3. Will try it later but you can't give GOTY to a game on a single aspect like MP, RDR2 lost at TGA in 2018 because it's MP component players paid for wasn't even available. Not go go too deep in halo as it's famous for it's MP and it single player story felt just ok to me. Tales of arise has one single player element and it does it great.
  4. ROFL, i started halo, master chief was bossing around the guy like a egomaniac the story felt like i couldn't care less, also tales of arise is on that list, so halo can do whatever with it's MP but a cross platform gem like tales of arise with it's amazing story focused on slavery and delivered with sublime cell shaded graphics easily beat whatever story they put out to sell a FPS game.
  5. If anyone actually played it Tales of arise would be your GOTY, the competition are nothing compared to it.
  6. Obviously this was so catchy i decided to jump on at some point, i loved the ad though quite the offensive stereotype
  7. I think MS has minimal reported issues, but by next year big releases i think MS will sort those out, after using the slick one x, series x just looks ugly to me, if they justify the fat shape with some unique design like this below then I'd be existed to buy it, of course not as strapped with content like this but with at least some design choice that looks thematic. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/you-can-win-this-ridiculous-far-cry-6-xbox-series-x-custom-console/1100-6495878/
  8. Croma worked for 3 of us here on dec 06 restock, i guess it was missing on dec 28, vijay sales kept redirecting to home page on clicking add to kart or buy now on dec 06, on dec 28 hardly anyone mentioned vijay sales, both times RD had stocks but many of us not in gujrath were seeing delivery not available to our location. I wonder ambani and modi should just make RD the poster child of Gujrath, and make the website reliancedigital. gj or something, it hardly work all you do is go there and click on the kem cho link ! Before anyone says otherwise, all success stories i seen with people posting screenshots online by tagging ICG bot and other places were gujrath addresses.
  9. Thanks needed something concrete like this, I'm leaning more towards starfield as well, unless forza looks too good and startup button sound is of a supercar. The halo one disappoints me a bit with it's minimal design instead of going bold with creative ideas that would truly make it feel like 20yr anniversary.
  10. Major difference with heatsinks isn't noticeable yet with current games. But yeah on paper we do get the most coveted batch.
  11. Does anyone see forza motorsport and starfield special edition series x? After seeing the cyberpunk one x, i was a bit tempted but wondered why they made it instead of a series x.
  12. Well yes, you did think i have a charitable 50k lying around to be the test subject
  13. Maybe your perfectly peachy running PS5 is gonna rub off on him, Cheers
  14. Call a sony center then I'm sure you'll find what you are looking for. If you had told me earlier back then I'd have contacted you and either A - forwarded the task to the good Samaritan that you are B - Ask you for funding because of the good Samaritan that you are
  15. Why not quote @blitzkreiig instead of targeting just me, he has known people who are MRP or nothing. If you join scalper only group you will only see scalping and people being scalped , there are people who have piles of cash to throw and buy it, doesn't mean common people do it, general consensus on channels like brostation, benconsolegamer with 3k viewers on livestream, majority was should i buy series x instead of rarity ps5, at least they have good amount of stocks.
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