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  1. Oh and forgot to mention that by z313 speakers i mean just the speakers which work. The subwoofer of that set along with it's power are dead. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  2. Ok so i forgot to post. I checked using the old zogitech z313 speakers which have a 3.5mm wire. First i tried them connecting directly to the 3.5mm jack of a moto phone which did output audio. So then connected them to the monitor green port. I mentioned the color since there is a black 3.5mm port also on the monitor and i don't want someone to randomly pop up and say i connected to the wrong port. Anyway on the monitor though the soeakers didn't produce sound and in playback devices they didn't even pop up. Si either there is a different way on benq to change the setting or the port on monitor is kaput. I was looking at this alternative way, as audio port on mobos die alot. And i don't know if i could find a good board if my current maximus ranger (skylake) loses it's line out port Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  3. I'll try connecting one today and report later, a cheap mobile phone 3.5mm headset should be fine right so if it gets any high voltage i won't lose a good quality one. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  4. Ah i totally forgot about how priority is handled on this set. You are correct both would use the power cable audio mode and would end up depending on the speaker weather it prioratizes RC input or 3.5mm aux. It does have a bluetooth option so i can connect a ps4 or xbox one via bluetooth? Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  5. Yes i understand your point, i only have one display at home right now, my TV went kaput last year and the new TV i bought had horrible DSE same for it's replacement, so i applied for a refund, now when i play ps4 and xbox using the monitor i have to use in built speakers which are nothing special, and if my speakers are connected to mobo then i am not able to use them on consoles so thus i though of two options 1] Connect speakers directly to monitor so as to use them for both PC and console needs 2] Connect to mobo using current RC cabling and use front aux jack of LG K72B to connect to monitor using [3.5mm-3.5mm cable], but is this safe though since i will be using two connections simultaneously
  6. Green one right ? Not the black one I did this process in the afternoon with testing youtube the benq speakers work with audio & also had connected the ps4 a hour back and it too had audio on the monitor, can i connect something else to the green 3.5mm port to see if it's working ? My old z313 are kaput and this set wasn't recognized so without spending is there a device at home that i can connect, with covid i won't be able to get anything from a friend to check.
  7. Please think as a consumer we all know how nintendo operates. They might not even see game sales rising as they mostly depend on 1st party games, so they might fear not being able to sell new systems, but there are enough of us new switch buyers who really want a new switch, and like that kevin guy US switch owners are nuts they buy a special edition switch anyway so it's not like nintendo will lose money on it.
  8. The current selected device is speakers (realtek high definition audio). Here is the entire list the green ticked one is only selected. Like i said this ticked one doesn't show up if i connect the 3.5mm cable to the monitor. And yeah the benq rl24 has in built speakers which are working. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  9. But bhai at least they should increase the screen size and give it a 1080p screen, i have seen 2 switch owners from our pokemon group both their screen PQ seemed dull after using my note 10 and even a50 and a70 screens i feel switch PQ and colors are way to dull on the level of a moto g3 i have at home. I can never even bite the bullet and buy it, the screen is a turn off and most of my usage will be playing mario kart, pokemon, animal crossing by sleeping on my bed so the TV connection will only be used for Zelda, xenoblade etc
  10. Nintendo is just salty that their 8-bit consoles were pirated as hell at the time and people used to buy terminator, mitashi and other replicas instead of OG nintendo consoles, they must really hate india by now since they never officially set foot here afterwards
  11. Ah damn so how will i choose speakers connected to the monitor, since only my benq monitor shows up when 3.5mm wire is connected to monitor green aux port. I have connected my monitor to my gtx970 with hdmi cable i think hdmi 1.4 it's a belkin cable. Then speakers RC to 3.5mm cable was connected to monitor green 3.5mm slot but it didn't work but when connected to green 3.5mm port on mobo it works.
  12. Well he posted some of the peoples angry responses to mario tamatar edition swtich somewhere in the video, i keep seeing angry people on FB also in comments on this switch model release so they are there dude. Of course many of us have been waiting forever to get the switch. And after 4 years into switch life span I'm not gonna buy a basically 2017 design and joycon drifting model.
  13. Yes i was forced by the market trends to go for 55 inch but the shifting i had to do for it had it's own struggles. 65 will be a very big jump if no wall mount option is available, sony is very tactful here they knew last year not to make X90H and X95H same sizes available, so that is why i think only 75 inch X95H was there. Plus man i'd go for a 55 inch oled if safety of the device wasn't a concern, judging by his situation he might not be able to make a 65 inch jump, though he should not miss out on quality, plus after FALD vertical banding issues i had and online as well many people voiced panel lottery luck being bad with sony, i am a little worried with high investments in sony, i think 50-55 in ch sony LCDs are the max limit for the overprice they charge here compared to rivals in similar category, even older less feature rich sony oleds were 30-40k costly than LG. If you can take care of OLED then you should absolutely go oled or bare minimum Mini-LED, DSE with standard FALD dimming isn't worth it.
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