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  1. I don't know if i missed it but i went back till posts of aug 20 but didn't find the video with cerny in it, can anyone link it, as we speak i'm searching on youtube as well with search string "mark cerny ghost of tsushima"
  2. Anyone who is playing this, is there a way to buy costumes with in game currency ? I just love how the devs have made the costumes so eye candy, and to get full anime experience i would love to dress the guys like combat butlers and the women like schoolgirls. If that can only be done by purchasing packs with real money then I'm leaning more towards the ultimate edition than a physical disc purchase which is going around for Rs.4300/- and i don't think it's priced well since in most countries standard version has dropped to Rs.2800/-
  3. No i meant he didn't use cloud save. I use it all the time. Was really useful going from ps4 GoT to downliading and playing it on PS5. Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  4. Ok I'll look for it thanks Sent from my SM-N975F using Tapatalk
  5. GoT standard is going for Rs.2000 for how much can i sell a used one ? Source ? If astros playroom was the best implementation i don't know how cerny feels like this, he even played horizon zero dawn 2-3 years after release i remember his tweet about it, maybe he has not yet played astro's playroom so he thinks like that. Either way if i sell GOT for a decent price I'd still have to pay 2k+ for ps5 DC, sony frak you man, 2.5k is the upgrade price, no discounts as well.
  6. They should make Twisted Metal a racing game like death race movies, would be alot fun than whatever weird game it is, couldn't care less about blowing up cars in a party game, all car games should have adrenaline rush and without racing it can't be done. Never got into twisted metal even with 3-4 people around me playing multiplayer of it, we got bored so easily, we used to pop in crash team racing or nitro kart or road rash jailbreak [ now those were real racer] vehicular combat was amazing with road rash jailbreak it was mortal kombat on wheels, i don't why EA later on went to making cheap arse road rash games with road rash 3d, road rash jailbreak was THE winning formula. Heck if i had that license I'd be stinkin rich.
  7. Any idea how open will the free roam be open world or at least sandbox, i see it uses board game traversal mechanics but i hope it has borderland level roam, it's really important for me to walk in these beautiful environments and soak all the art in. I don't like enemies only roaming zones, it's important that i can walk with no enemies to disturb and i can just admire the care the artistic team put in for the environment
  8. Flights should have been stopped from african countries a long while back, many of these africans come and go to virar side of mumbai and then start all sorts of their shady rackets there, also they go to enjoy nightlife and thus spread their diseases among masses of the city, i'm sure all cities have some hotspot for foreign residents, flights should have been stopped with the first mention of omicron in the first week itself when africa reported how bad it was. BUT GUYS WHY NOT SEND OUR CRICKET TEAM TO SOUTH AFRICA IN ORDER TO WIN A TEST SERIES THERE, WE DIDN'T DO IT FOR 29 YEARS, KUDOS TO BCCI TO FINDING NEW WAYS TO IMPORT PANDEMIC
  9. Game Of the Year 2021 : Tales of Arise Runner ups : Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Forza Horizon 5
  10. Isn't Tis the season for discounts on games like FIFA, Riders republic ? Usually fifa goes for around half on PS store right and on websites, don't see any holiday spirit anywhere, grinch out for cash
  11. This POS game gets a sequel and motorstorm rots in sony's garage, dfaq sony
  12. Hmm maybe my comments being big give you that impression, but i feel like i want to be more knowing, aware and alert about the product.
  13. Now that you guys mention it, the c1 makes a tick sound when i turn it on from remote each time, here is how i turn tv on and of for on, wall socket switch on then when tv displays red light, power key press on remote to turn on tv, this is when i hear tick sound for turning it off, power key on remote to turn off, no tick sound while turning off, then when red light is on tv, turn off the power switch on the wall socket. I'll keep the wall socket on for 10-15mins after turning off the tv then, since our area has some adani power cuts rarely but randomly, everyone at home is like lets just keep the wall socket power off for appliances like washing machine, oven, tv when not in use, so can't really keep it on in my case.
  14. No man I'm not worried, consider me as a curious sheldon who likes to know the technical aspects of some functions, so i can better care for the product, i am actually using it worry free, and want the same experience to continue for a long time.
  15. I sometimes pause the game and go to homescreen mostly or sometimes pause it and keep the screen but in both cases i turn off tv display using remote so will this cause retention or am i doing correct and doing this wont cause any issues.
  16. You can watch shows on watchwrestling.vc Whoa wow thanks a ton, only if we had social media back in the day of WCW, we would have had an amazing brand right now, wish AEW can sign most of the big names exiting wwe like bray wyatt etc, would be great for the aew game as well, watching wwe feels so artificial, don't even feel immersed in it like the attitude era or something that was engaging like pre 2013 brock lesner times, hope that gorilla goes away dammit.
  17. Yess this is what i am asking about, how do i know it's running, and what is the state the tv needs to be in for it to run properly, do i need to keep it on no signal frame wallpaper slideshow screen which runs for like 6-7 mins or do i need to press power button on remote so the screen turns off but the red light below the tv is still active indicating it's on standby. In both cases i am not turning off the tv from wall socket switch which would turn the tv completely off thus turning off any auto pixel cleaners.
  18. From our end what type of care should we take, i rotate content like mostly advised but is that enough, how will i know when those mini refreshers are running in background and for how much time do they last, if i know when those are taking place i'll just put the TV on that no signal screen or whatever state the tv needs to be in. 2000+ hour refresher actually gives a prompt so you know you will need to start the cleaner and leave the tv on for 1 hour and let lg do it's thing
  19. OLED owners how do you prevent screen retention, I'm constantly rotating content, if i game i make sure i watch some 15 mins of TV, or if i watch TV i switch to another channel, the only time i am seeing screen retention is on youtube, idk how to prevent that so i just switch from it to tv, but i guess youtube bg is less than 5% greyscale so i see some screen retention, especially now since i watched like 3 hours of game awards last week on the C1. I was thinking about manually running pixel cleaner but this thread made me think i should just let the TV do it's mini refreshes and 2000+ hour auto refresh. Also i had seen this video by linus before buying the TV, and somewhere in it he said using pixel refresher/cleaner will reduce the life of pixels alot faster. So to those who are using their oleds for 2-3 or more years now, what are the right ways of taking care of the OLED TV ?
  20. Do we require youtube premium to watch AEW ? I don't get a lot of specific long time these days to watch wrestling so just tend to watch aew by typing aew on youtube and using this week filter, i feel wcw vibes with it. WWE is going down the gutter if they keep using those crap hollywood story writers, i feel wwe is disconnecting with the middle class family audience it thrived on.
  21. Congrats they turned up well this time, also do let me know if you bought spidey miles UE from croma, it's cheaper but the rating is US ESRB, i am looking for PEGI version as my account is indian so can't use US codes. Also that matte series x makes me wanna still hold onto my one x, i am amazed how MS made such a basic looking console
  22. Exactly how i feel about those older stealth AC games, it's a cliche that an assassin needs to be only stealthy, those who have used the assassin class in online MMOs know how it can deal devastating quick blow damage, quick kills. Those AC fans who can't get over why modern AC games sell so well, don't understand the potential of the assassin class being tapped right, like a hack n slash ninja. Anyway i don't understand how a open world or sanbox SC game wouldn't work, it's the exact same thing what old fashioned AC fans like with games like black flag the pinnacle of exactly the kind of open world/sanbox stealth that worked.
  23. I don't know why you still haven't bought it, you do everything about ps5 than actually funding your beloved company, also not my fault sony removed the visible option, it's not scrutinizing, it's being aware about the system changes than being a yes pony
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