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  1. They are making sure , who ever were left with interest in cricket also loose them. App update kare
  2. Jim Ryan, President and CEO, announces retirement after 30 years with Sony Interactive Entertainment
  3. Guys, what the POS has Flipkart become. I just wanted to enquire about an instant discount offer not being reflected in the payment page and the website, app gives f*ck all. just says ALL CHANNELS BUSY. Telephone customer care, just says all are busy and just hangs up. no waiting option even What the hell ?
  4. Any one using Motorola phone? Looking at g32 for my mom as a budget phone. Any redflags with the brand now a days Wanted to avoid redmi/realme but realme c53 is another option I am considering.
  5. Love the confidence (arrogance) with how they increased and not acknowledging and justifying the move. Pretty sure they will have some interesting Day 1 launches in the pipeline to pull back crowd but hope they are forced to bring down the cost or add value somehow.
  6. Is this game on Normal difficulty tougher than usual? Getting my a** handed constantly even by regular lizards. Or is it just me and my reflexes?
  7. Cancelled my preorder. Got the camo controller for 40$ instead. Couldn't get myself to justify double the price.
  8. Anyone explored the Airtel Axis Bank card? What are the limits for those discount? What is the catch -------------------- Thanks for being a part of the Airtel Family We are offering you our exclusive *Airtel Axis Bank Credit Card* 💳 to make bonds even more stronger💪🏻 Get *up to Rs 500000* credit limit and Save *up to ₹18000* yearly on everyday spends 💰 Endless Cashbacks on everything from mobile recharges, utility bill payments, food orders, grocery to fuel 🤯 ⭐️ *Flat 25% cashback* on Airtel Mobiles, Wi-Fi and DTH payments ⭐️ *Flat 10% cashback* on every Swiggy, Zomato & BigBasket spends ⭐️ *Flat 10% cashback* on utility bill payments such as Gas, Electricity, etc. ⭐️ Get Complimentary *Airport Lounge Access* ⭐️ *Unlimited 1%* Cashback on all other spends
  9. Thank you. That's good information for me. Haven't purchased any before but will be getting a set or two sourced from us(low cost creator 3 in 1 or something generic). Was Tempted to get the tall neck or van gough art piece(on sale) but seemed too much at this point cost wise. Also first time I learnt from your response that some of the technic can also be driven. Will explore them.
  10. Nice and cute. Just curious, What do you do when you complete a set? Use it for display or dismantle and build again sometime later Question is for those adult Lego builds
  11. Preordered in US. 80$+ tax
  12. Gow is showing 12k now. Was it the launch price as well? Yeah, design is not great but not too bad either . I anyways want a second controller as back up to my MRP PS5
  13. How much will the controller end up being in India whenever it is made available? Thinking to try preorder in us and source via someone , hearing price would be 80$. Good idea?
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