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  1. I think we can store on existing HDD. But if you want to play, need to move to the main SSD. As long as they have a good tool to keep swapping games in and out in the OS, I don't thin we need to worry about space issues.
  2. I kind of dig the colour . But people would still buy the white console. Can't comment on the quality until see it up close. As long as it ain't like the plastic on the Xbox one launch console, it should be good. That sh*t is real.
  3. Ok. This comments is enough for me. Over and out of this thread.
  4. I found nothing in that article that talks about holding back. (excepting for Initiative Game which doesn't qualify for holding back if they are not yet ready!!) It is formed in 2018 and understandable if they got no gameplay to show. Also why would they hold back? May be they might hold back on lockhart announcement that is all. With games, they need to show their cards.
  5. Thanks. It's 5$ on US PSN as well. It's been a long time since I played the main game. But this might be a good price to buy and add to backlog
  6. Pacifier

    Hyper Scape

    With the BR market so much saturated, the only way they could have pulled the crowd is by doing similar to what Apex did.. i.e. announce and launch the same time. Pay some streamers for initial month for publicity. If the game is good, it will definitely stick on. I don't like this approach of Beta, limited keys etc
  7. 399 for lockhart will be a failure if PS5 digital edition is priced the same or 449$. The difference in price should be at least 100$
  8. Will the accessibility settings help reducing difficulty so that it ain't that difficult? I guess I have to warm again up with TLOU1 first and see if I am ready for 2.
  9. Pacifier

    Hyper Scape

    Liked the Jack Frags video.
  10. Been watching Parks and Rec recently. Liked some of the episodes until mid season 3. Now in season 4, and am not able to even like the lead characters. Very bad and predictable character development. Only Ron/Tom/April seem to pull through some of the episodes. Does it get better later on?
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