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  1. I see some adapter available for supporting Bluetooth headphones on PS4. It seems overpriced on Amazon and eBay but decently priced on AliExpress. Ordered it. Not sure how it would work. VBESTLIFE USB Adapter Bluetooth Transmitter For PS4 Playstation Any Bluetooth 4.0 Headsets Receiver Headphone Dongle http://s.aliexpress.com/eQFRBvqI?fromSns=Copy to Clipboard
  2. Sigh. Seems like it got over before it began? Now Wth is NP-32470-6
  3. I will try to join. Unless there is a big update waiting for me to download
  4. Not really for the puzzle factor but for the satisfaction of opening chests. The weight of it and the presentation, small little things is what I loved about this game.
  5. Completed the main journey. Wowww what a ride so far. Still a lot left to do!!!! Loved exploring islands around midgard and those KRN puzzles. Still two new realms to visit. Man, the first time we got hold of Blades of Chaos and use it - The best ever moment I had in PS4.!!!!!!! Every strike feels so personal. The combat is extra-ordinary with both Axe and the blades. Final boss fight was also neatly done but I too felt surprised by the way it ended. But DO NOT CARE now. Loving the ride.
  6. yeah, i meant the hype. I too want MS to give a good show just to keep the competition going. We don't want Sony to take things for granted. If they start taking E3 for granted, next would be PS4 user base.
  7. Have my wallet loaded and ready but still thinking to get this or not as there are huge backlogs for me and I might not end up playing. But very hard to avoid spoilers !!! Tough times.
  8. ^Thank you for my Google search word of the day.
  9. Not sure if this will be helpful in this context. My laptop time (Automatically set) always lags by 30sec or so. So for Tatkal etc I google "current time in ist with seconds" and follow that timer. Once cross check the windows clock with that.
  10. Pacifier


    Yeah Learnt it the hard way in the initial levels. I'm in 4th mission i think and i still go ..... GET THE HELL OUT OF MY FACE all the time running around especially that Big Guy.
  11. Hi walker, I might not be able to make it but do send invites. Will hop on if online at that time.
  12. Definitely from US and not at MRP. This thing comes for around 60-70$ all the time. I think it is around that price in Walmart few days back. Keep tracking in Slickdeals.
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