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  1. Have watchlisted this since long, good time to enter. Also Eicher motors also seems to have fallen quite a bit. Its now lower than my avg price. So good to add some more quantities I guess. Thoughts?
  2. Juggling between below with whatever time i got Immortals Fenyx Rising GT Sport Thumper
  3. For some reason, they were never given away for PS Plus and i don't think they planned to do so.... ..... But now that you got it........ ----------------- Got Immortals Fenyx Rising
  4. First time seeing such a cable and yeah that might work as well for XM*. Does this also has built in volume + mute? The image is not helpful on the website The v-Moda one has that flexible mic that we can turn away + volume control + mute. And since its reviewed well and advertised to work for XM4 i went for that due to price in US. This cable also a very good alternative.
  5. Since there is discussion going on for mic - If you have one of the good wireless headsets, you can use this mic with PS4/PS5 controller. https://www.amazon.com/V-MODA-BoomPro-Microphone-Gaming-Communication/dp/B00BJ17WKK/ Its too pricey in India Amazon , so best to source from US if someone is coming. I am sourcing it for using it with my XM4
  6. Everyone handling their PF today
  7. Looking to delve into the world of Technical Analysis. Apart from Intro in Varsity, can any one please suggest good Youtube channels or other resources to gain some knowledge on TA? Just want to understand some common patterns, using multiple indicators to get insights. Primarily for swing trading.
  8. The gig is up txt.innerHTML = "Warming up AI bots..."; setTimeout(() => { txt.innerHTML = "Getting data..."; }, 1000); setTimeout(() => { txt.innerHTML = "Computing...."; }, 2000); setTimeout(() => { txt.innerHTML = "Almost there...."; }, 3000); var answer = "YES"; ----- pure gold
  9. Hey , can you tell the ideal way to purchase BTC in P2P? should we get USDT First and then purchase BTC using that or buy directly BTC if a seller is accepting INR ? I tried my hand with 10k in p2p on binance by directly getting BTC. After its in my wallet, the received BTC amount in funding wallet is showing as equivalent to ~9000 INR . Is this correct? If I purchase USDT and then BTC, are the charges similar?
  10. What happened to the GT Sport Thread? Unable to find it even after searching for Keywords.
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