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  1. The puzzles get really good later on. New areas do get unlocked. I would still recommend to keep pushing if you can. I platinumed this game which was a chore with all the banter but I remember liking the new areas and exploration
  2. Yes(although not super urgent given not getting time to play). Ideally DE without game but with game is also fine. Looking from Amazon only to save 5%.
  3. Thank you. Np. Started following this handle as well now.
  4. And Consoles India still keeps sending notification from FK. Looks like still few are available.
  5. The Playlist on Netflix is a decent watch. (Spotify origin)
  6. Looking for Digital edition without game. Don't think we got any this drop on Amazon
  7. In hyd , Ambrit games was quoting 53k for digital and 64k for disc Might just wait it out. Hopefully the 45k is including god of war (for digital)
  8. https://slickdeals.net/share/android_app/fp/758185
  9. You need to ask them to link the loan account to your existing Customer I'd of netbanking
  10. Anyone using robot vacuum cleaner? I wanted to source roborock s5 max but didn't work out. So planning to get one during the sale. Ecovacs deebot n8 seems good based on review. Any other suggestions in that price range. Needs to have lidar.
  11. PlayStation VR2 is about to breathe new life into virtual reality gaming First impressions from Sony's impressive new hardware. https://www.eurogamer.net/playstation-vr2-is-about-to-breathe-new-life-into-virtual-reality-gaming
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