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  1. Pretty sure it will go for a toss the moment you try that with 3-4 AAA Games. Not just 1 main game and other small games with small memory footprint.
  2. If People were fine with paying 60$ for more than 10years on Sony's first party games, then they should have no problems paying 70$ as well. Those who wait for price drop, will continue to do so and buy during sale, 2nd hand etc. When compared to TP games with MTX which also seems to demand 70$, sony asking 50-70$ seems somewhat ok
  3. I wanted to be a part of it as well but would be given a smack , in these times, if i say i need to go to a courier shop to ship a game :|
  4. Probably due to all that particle effects and the soundtrack ...
  5. WTF is this man. So is this the way they push 1440/120fps? Atleast we are seeing more gameplay on XSS now. Keep them coming. If all of them look like sh*t, then not going to plan on getting it. Will get XSX directly - 2022
  6. Yes i think, it would have been a lot of effort to release on PS3 along with PS4. But now, similar tech, so they can release on both with less effort. I think it was more of intentionally misleading just on the border of Not a Lie. i.e. they can still say, we stick to what we said and we are not holding back games , - see R&C.
  7. Sony definitely dropped a ball on wording. They sure got their fun ridiculing xbox's messaging To add to that, Craigfinite demo mess added fuel to the fire. If only Xbox showed a next-gen looking game (which is also cross gen), now Sony would have to be running around with pants down defending why they were saying all the bull sh*t. Now, they just don't care. You only see more people complaining about missing pre-orders
  8. Consistent 60fps mode with better resolution should be enough for most to jump (apart from the console usability,i.e. UI, store etc). For someone with PS4, if priced right in India(40k?), definitely will get digital edition.
  9. Well, sucks that they went back in their language of "believe in only next generations". But hey, at least they didn't falsely promise 100% support for 1 or 2 year and then not release any games in that time period. If R&C comes to PS4, then it will be very bad for their reputation. I can see mix of PS4/PS5 and only PS5 titles in launch year itself. May be they will also delay PS4 version in some instances
  10. The audio via headphones even with the stream was dope. Great campaign incoming
  11. Sure agreed. They should have also added support for Atmos. But i am pretty sure they have their reasons to push this instead of that. Sony is also very good on Audio front, so may be this is indeed better? Let's see. Also i think Atmos support on Xbox is additional purchase. Not sure about next gen though
  12. This is going to be fixed config for next 7-10 years for most people buying it. So better be future proof (reg wifi 6). Also regd 3D Audio, you haven't heard it. so don't be dismissive............................. yet.
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