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  1. Someone here referred me to creative bt-w3 and w4. I am waiting for sourcing them from us. Unavailable here
  2. Any thoughts on doing courses via upgrad? I'm looking at one for Executive PG in Data Science (Am from database background) from IIIT Bangalore. They also extended this course to a MS degree from Liverpool University but don't know about how good a degree from the same is valued. Course should get reimbursed by my company (mostly), but want to check any downside. Don't plan on flaunting the credentials and that is not primary purpose but keep myself accountable to pursue this structured course that can help add value in Resume down the line
  3. Pacifier

    Hi-Fi Rush

    Completed this last week. Highly recommend this game. The boss fights, banter in between, mission briefing are all excellently done. Although the fights in between each boss seems repetitive but can't complain much there when you take overall experience into account. Mimosa and the Finance guy fights were super well done. The last time I had this much fun when I least expected it is when I played puppeteer. Do not sit on this game people.
  4. Where are you guys watching this? Hotstar is no longer streaming
  5. Pacifier


    Planning to try this game out sometime this week. Always had me intrigued since it launched. Is the game that difficult to the likes of souls series? Of course different genre. Will give it a shot either way but will be disappointed to leave it midway... I mean at the start itself
  6. Got mine delivered. Purchased it during the first drop this month. Downloaded games and set it up so far. Yet to get time to play some. Any suggestions for Bluetooth dongle that works well with xm4?
  7. Grabbed one. SOLD by Electronic Bazaar store and fulfilled by Amazon. Hoping it is legit?
  8. When is the next drop for India? I thought we always had one monthly but didn't see it happen for January. Any thoughts
  9. Pacifier

    Hi-Fi Rush

    You have to hit parry button multiple times displayed by lightning icon count beside laser. And also at the same rhythm they appear first.
  10. Might be too much to expect. For reference, i sold my NEX-6(released couple of years before your model i think) with 16-50 and 55-200 lens for 18k, a month back on olx. Might have gotten atleast 20k if I was patient but didn't want to go through the spam that is olx messages to find the guy asking the right questions to take it forward
  11. Folders in app drawer No easy way to use sim2 from dialer No separate volume control for notifications and ringing
  12. Pixel owners, pls advise on any must have apps to enhance the stock experience. Coming from s22, the launcher and app drawer experience is a big let down on my 6A. I dont like to install launchers but seems I don't have an option here.
  13. The puzzles get really good later on. New areas do get unlocked. I would still recommend to keep pushing if you can. I platinumed this game which was a chore with all the banter but I remember liking the new areas and exploration
  14. Yes(although not super urgent given not getting time to play). Ideally DE without game but with game is also fine. Looking from Amazon only to save 5%.
  15. Thank you. Np. Started following this handle as well now.
  16. And Consoles India still keeps sending notification from FK. Looks like still few are available.
  17. The Playlist on Netflix is a decent watch. (Spotify origin)
  18. Looking for Digital edition without game. Don't think we got any this drop on Amazon
  19. In hyd , Ambrit games was quoting 53k for digital and 64k for disc Might just wait it out. Hopefully the 45k is including god of war (for digital)
  20. https://slickdeals.net/share/android_app/fp/758185
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