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  1. It would be interesting to see how many of these would be in "development" actively. Having IPs is one thing but spending development money to green lit their sequels or subsequent projects is to be seen. And to add to that you will be getting these as part of Game Pass, So its a good challenge for microsoft on how they balance the operations of these studios. For the immediate future, ES and Starfield are the only ones (which also have been in dev for many years before acquisition).
  2. I believe then it is fixed after all these years. My experience with the Beyond light was decent(and pre sunset campaigns were a blast ). You just complete story mode and some exotic missions and do few weekly challenges , that should get you "new raid ready". And if a raid says 1320 level and you are 1321 and your friends are 1400. You do the same damage in the PVE element AFAIK.
  3. That is the most basic mistake a so call "analyst" can make. Such a click bait. Ofcourse No body is saying Sony got it for cheap but to come up with such wierd stats is just click bait.
  4. That is the thing with GAAS titles like Destiny. If they f up a season, they learn and fix it the subsequent seasons. This listening to community "most" of the times is what makes a successful GAAS title. Take constant user feedback, fine tune the experience , keep adding new stuff. Ofcourse no 1 title will cater to "everyone" but if it is fun for majority, then it has the formula to become successful. Also you don't need to level up beyond control in Destiny for majority of the content. Just for Grand Master level stuff I believe. As long as your "level" is making you eligible to have fun in all the activities the game has to offer, I dont see a point in getting to "friends' level as a negative. That would just be for bragging.
  5. Bullshit. Respawn weren't generating that revenue at the time of acquisition AFAIK.
  6. You mean gaming in general I presume, not Sony ? Coz all they have been doing is selling single player games from first party. (Which is most likely going to change this gen seems like, and hopefully they dont get greedy)
  7. Tickertape 3 months pro FREE. Apply Coupon. BUDGETST1
  8. From the article: Yet, in a small way, the observation does tell us a bit about what Sony values most when it comes to acquisitions: the people behind the games, rather than the games themselves. It doesn't own Crash Bandicoot, but it bought the studio responsible for creating it (Naughty Dog). Just as it doesn't own Halo, but it now has the studio responsible for building that.
  9. where is the kraken police at??.
  10. Would prefer all/any of EA/ Square Enix/ Io Interactive/ Remedy to go to Sony. (or just grab Codemasters pls) But i am pretty sure EA/T2 will end up with Microsoft.
  11. Bungie’s world-class expertise in multi-platform development and live game services will help us deliver on our vision of expanding PlayStation to hundreds of millions of gamers. Bungie is a great innovator and has developed incredible proprietary tools that will help PlayStation Studios achieve new heights under Hermen Hulst’s leadership.
  12. Sony buying Bungie so it doesn't get acquired by Xbox and made Xbox exclusive. Or we might eventually get that Destiny Movie!!!! Pretty sure we will see a movie greenlit in next year.
  13. So finally when GT7 launches and everyone moves to playing it........................... .............. that should give me a perfect opportunity to get a single win on GT Sport
  14. Finished Dirt 5. Thought it would be very very bad but surprisingly, "some" parts of it is done well. Liked the Pathfinder races , although they get repetitive. Some races through the Forest in China and weather effects are surprisingly done well. General driving mechanics is done well, especially the Ice Breaker, Land Rush events. Gymkhana gets boring real quick. Sucks that the weather , mud doesn't seem to effect the driving style. Even 2013 game like Drive Club , race dynamics change with snow and when the track gets wet. Here it is missing and is just for show. oh.. and did i mention tons of neon under ice glow + lightning strikes? progression is also done very bad. Showdowns exist in a separate tab , seemed like after thought. I just ignored and I lol'd when i learnt that you needn't even complete them for platinum!!. Wasted potential. Also i played the game mostly on Mute after some intro races. So any downside in music/ podcast like narration department is unheard.
  15. 23 : Immortals: Fenyx Rising 24: Dirt 5 (PS4). The 1000 mile trophy sucks unless you use the playground trick.
  16. All you noobs flexing Stock counts in demat, and just last week i had the honor of seeing my cousin bro's friends' portfolio using which he was encouraging my cousin to start investing. It had 50 ..........Mutual funds....
  17. If you already have plat on PS4, i think it auto pop ups a PS5 platinum as well i believe. (Heard it happened to SM remastered)
  18. I think the ultimate will just have EA play + Ubisoft subscription along with PS+ & PS Now Doubt there will be a subscription with day and date release of PS exclusives. (may be 20% discount )
  19. Cant wait to Uninstall it ....... ................and install this instead
  20. sigh. same question to you. Have you played HFW? May be reserve your thoughts and benchmark "AFTER" you play the game?
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