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  1. Nice, Good to know!. Also Congratulations!!
  2. Nice .. You are still getting deliveries? Stay safe Assuming you are sanitizing the hell out of it
  3. Yeah i remember seeing the same in this website but not able to find anymore https://www.mohfw.gov.in/index.html
  4. https://www.livemint.com/news/india/coronavirus-government-admits-limited-community-transmission-in-india-via-sop/amp-11585562957621.html Guys, is there any tracker for how many day on day tests being performed? Last i read somewhere, the total count is around 33K tests performed with < 4% positive.
  5. Finally spending more time on Spiderman. Was Playing on and off since a year
  6. Hope it doesn't go down again. Good that it's back. We need this at this critical hour.
  7. Might be too early to say. Fingers crossed. https://www.covid19india.org/ Also, i have been to a super market here in Hyderabad to get some grocery supplies. Everyone were wearing masks and to reduce the rush inside, the security guard wasn't letting all at the same time and people were waiting in a line(with no much distancing as you might have guessed) which is a bit scary. But yay, free sanitizer squirt at entrance. Luckily though, items are available and being restocked as well but none of the dettol/floor cleaners/sanitizers etc were available. Also Chips/Noodles/Ready to Eat sections were a clean sweep even during my multiple visits. Understandable since many people live in shared rooms etc , who were highly dependent on swiggy etc wouldn't find anything to eat outside (Hence its quite understandable to see people making every last ditch effort to return home during this time).
  8. When leaving people who returned back from abroad for self isolation, they should warn that if they break it, FIR will be filed , passport seized and they can no longer travel or something like that so it sticks in their minds. There would be rise in cases this and next week due to no lock down couple of weeks back. Current weeks' lockdown affect will be seen after couple of weeks.
  9. Trains cancelled until end of the month. About time.
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