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  1. cool. What do you miss the most on switching to iphone (i believe you also were heavy user of samsung/Android before)? Any apps you wish existed on iphone? I know it varies on what each person uses the phone for, but my usage is mostly going to be random pics, multi tasking, very less gaming, dual sim must. I also am considering iphone 13 (or mini but its just too small)
  2. I am using S8, 5.8" screen. I like the form factor and looking at the current offerings at this screensize, i see the following options - Iphone 13/13 Pro, S21, Pixel 6 (although its slightly bigger). (Idea is to source from the US). Flip3 is also great option but too many moving parts and scared of problems from usage. Don't want to consider OP or any other brands. Just want to stick to Samsung/Google(or iphone? would be first time using). Any other variants i missed? I do love S20/S21 Ultra but it is too big to use. My wife has Note 10 Lite and i felt the screen is too big for single hand use, so dropped on Ultra.
  3. May be it is how things roll in japanese culture? They will not reply or answer to anything stupid unless it is required. Otherwise, every media outlet will spin up some "news" that gains traction and then sony has to keep denying it. For ex the various PS1/2/3 BC news.
  4. Ok thank you. this clears up. Given that the default option can be set to Ext HDD, it makes sense to download the XSS version and move when required to play.
  5. How is the external hard drive support for the Series S (X would be same as well). Can you default your downloads to the external drive for ALL games ? (even though you have to move them to main drive for playing) Can we play games of external drive as long as the game is not "next gen only" ? or we cannot play any game which has got next gen patch? For ex, can we play FH5 or Halo Infinite off external drive? or that would only play Xbox One version?
  6. We seem to be already at Wave 2 peak. Hospitalizations, lack of rooms, oxygen etc - doesnt seem to be that bad now??. or is it just not covered in news?
  7. Saw the list of games not compatible on handheld mode and XC isn't one of them for some reason. ok makes sense. so its 199$ vs 349$(for OLED), hence the question. Haven't played any of the nintendo consoles in last decade or so. So my main go to is to catchup on all the good ones(Zelda, Super Mario 3d world etc) from last decade. Having the Tv mode also helps with couch multiplayer games in future with additional joycons i guess. So might get the OLED or the regular one if it comes around 250$
  8. I see most of you prefer playin it on handheld, so wouldn't switch lite make sense instead of switch? What would you loose in switch lite apart from ability to connect to a TV?
  9. Grid 2 and Dirt 2 made me a Fan of CodeMasters. Had tons of fun with them, soundtracks were also great Not enjoying much of Dirt 5. Hope this one is as good as Grid 2 (haven't tried showdown). This intro
  10. Good time to top up those MFs.. only if it were 1st of the month Also the new black and red theme on Kite looks dope... .
  11. What are you doing on your playstation ......... so private ..
  12. Pacifier

    Hitman 3

    yeah. played Dubai when it was free. The intro and mission briefings, cut scenes always are great. Have to complete H2 first
  13. When they announced MP only full price game. They should have delivered a fully working MP only game. They simply failed.
  14. Not saying its a bad thing. Just saying they are not done with console gaming yet as he pointed out. Until Cloud gaming becomes mainstream * (not that AAA multiplayer games will be primarily played on this) , this(console exclusive) will always be their fall back option.
  15. All their actions doesn't support this. for ex. Starfield/ES moved out of PS ecosystem. So they are still in the console vs console play.
  16. My 2 cents Sony stressing on them honoring contracts for sure isn't about keeping COD on PS or not. It is surely about keeping the YEARLY COD first on PS (may be DLCs?) and pretty sure they would have also mentioned about COD NOT being kept on Gamepass. And they might have also sealed the contracts for this PS5 gen. COD is such a cash cow for sony that they will not be doing the contract renewals yearly. So i wouldn't be surprised one bit if COD doesn't come to Gamepass (forget about day1).
  17. I do believe there is a future for it but only in the AR form and it has to come in compact goggles. VR metaverse , i dont think it will go mainstream, outside of gaming domain
  18. subscribed to antiwork subreddit and see a lot of these.
  19. Yup, Just like how Netflix will co-exist with Block buster Theatrical releases, Subscription Games will co-exist with general 60-70$ games
  20. I held up from playing GoT, TLOU2, DS so that I can play on PS5 directly. Not sure if i will be waiting for this one, especially with free upgrade. Looks dope so far and tons of improvements. Would only be able to comment on story etc once the game is out.
  21. Nice. ^^ Cape looks dope. Guitar is Missing??
  22. ok. So you are saying you cant bring the table forward , install the mount and push it back? The mount from amazon basics is exactly like the one you shared , except that you need to bring your table forward for installation. The actual pole is still "inside" the table. Check detailed product pics on amazon
  23. Nothing is announced until its final and this is common practice to avoid insider trading amongst other things etc. So news is released to both private and public at same time.
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