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  1. It would be great if people on PS can put on Blue and Xbox can put on Green livery And then, You don't need to "race" in racing game to win. --------------------------
  2. y ? .... Downloading on PS4, hope to make it for a few games if party not full.
  3. I guess it would also depend on how much they netted. 10mil+ would mean nothing if they spent comparatively more for shipping the game. But I refuse to believe they killed DG2. May be just parked it aside and will go back to it if the next one fails for bend
  4. Without dev mode active, i doubt you can install emulators. Also, Funny thing i tried enabling dev account for my MS account in preparation for future XSS but the payment was failing all the time with a wierd error code that is all over internet with no answers. Now it would have been more sad for me, if that went through.
  5. (1) Try to finish atleast 1 game per month (2) Get a PS5 before EOY (3) Try to finish at least two of these from backlog Persona 5/ Final Fantasy/Fallout 4/ Borderlands/ Yakuza 0+Kiwami (4) Attempt Bloodborne again
  6. Somewhere out there , in XBOX marketing team, there is an Analyst , Laughing his a** off, for his managers actually believing his forecasts for target audience reach and implementing them. First that GUCCI XBOX, now this.
  7. That looks dope!. What do you primarily use it for? Professional Artist? Editing?
  8. Wow, much logic. Don't post off topic ........
  9. Its monthly. If we are in bullish trend, assume the market keeps going up from 1st to 31s of the month with very little to no falls. Even if it falls on 15th of a month, the NAV might still be higher than what it would have been on 5th (for ex). But I too agree that you can spread out the monthly allocation to 5K * 4 times month or something like that with cut off dates for sure. i.e. we should definitely invest the first 5K before the 10th of the month etc. Else, we will end up waiting and who knows the NAV wouldn't come down to the price it was on the 5th of that month!
  10. bump. any advice guys.? Archer C80 also looks promising with Gigabit support to be future proof
  11. (1) Any recent change you think would have triggered this. Ideally i would just say Apex server issue given their state of things but since you say it is working with hotspot , did you change anything recently before the DNS update on PS4. (2) Check on router page and enable DMZ if that option is available, or just allow port forwarding for below ports https://www.purevpn.com/port-forwarding/apex-legends (3) Its a sign from universe for you to stop playing this game and clear some backlog!!
  12. Assuming when you say lower NAV, higher NAV, you are talking about the same fund? (1) Unless it is an index fund, I don't think the NAV coming down will be directly proportional to the Market performance. (2) NAV is calculated every day after market close. So assume you see at 7 PM , the NAV is low, and you add some funds, the NAV applicable for your new investment will not be the value at 7PM but rather the next day's end of day NAV. So if market does well the next day, your NAV might end up being higher than what triggered you to invest in the first place. (3) The Idea of SIPs for ME is to just forget about timing the market assuming investment is for long term and the minor NAV differences wouldn't matter much and there is always a case here as well, just like stocks, you cannot predict and time the purchase accurately
  13. Havent tried but I heard it is way easier to do this in Google sheets as it also has formulas to look up share price based on symbol. See if you can explore it and prepare a custom sheet as a one time activity
  14. Have been playing this non stop last couple of days and - WoW!! Still not yet at the end . So far ~22hours in The scale of the world is mind blowing Writing and background narration is filled with humour!! Puzzles are excellent, especially the constellation ones and most of the vaults. Combat is pretty good as well although it can be a bit better during crowd control. Boss/Monster fights are challenging.(Hope we had some level indicator that shows the difficulty before we attack one in open world) I am in awe of especially the artwork and the massive scale of statues and buildings. Also the puzzles are excellently well thought out, constellation/ Vaults especially. Sky box is excellent, especially during night. You can see the effort and care they put in this game. Hope it sold well and they do a sequel. Performance on base PS4 with HDR is very good as well.
  15. Hmm, May be i should get one and lend it to someone close already planning for a tech purchase and get it from amz/fk or what ever channel available.
  16. Hi PS5 owners, Between Chroma/ Reliance Digital / Tata Cliq. Which of these websites , we have more chances of procuring a PS5 provided there is a drop in future? I have an option to take a gift card from one of these and was wondering which one to bet on for buying ps5 in 2022.
  17. Which game are you talking about that was released in 2021?
  18. IMO yes. I too had some regular funds in HDFC sec from noob days and best option is to just stop all SIPs , sell them when it reaches LTCG. Parallely start investing in other platform of your choice. There is no option to "convert" to direct from regular without it being counted as sold + bought AFAIK
  19. Any suggestions for Routers around 4-5K range? Any one has experience with TP LINK Archer series? Specifically looking between Archer AX10, A7 and C6.
  20. https://zerodha.com/z-connect/varsity/introducing-varsity-video-series
  21. I don't quite understand the logic, but did you face an issue where you were subscribed but haven't gotten money's worth with respect to PS plus? Just trying to understand why people try to "time" their membership purchase with offerings at that time. As long as you believe you will end up turning ON the playstation for playing many times during the year, it always makes sense to keep the ps plus sub running especially when it goes on sale for ~30-35$. and keep adding monthly games. No matter how aggressively one keeps buying games through out the year, you will definitely get the 30$ worth for sure from my experience. And for someone like me who doesn't game much, the membership also stopped me from buying games that just sits in backlog and eventually gets given in future via ps plus
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