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  1. Ive never faced such an issue in the past. Have the restrictions been m already?
  2. I'm after a Netflix account UHD shared among four people. Is anyone here ready to join in or have an open spot for me?
  3. They are not worth it. Bought a basic, mediocre and advanced for my parents none could comfort their calves and are always too hard or too gentle on ankles. Returned the mediocre and advanced ones and kept basic due to fk no rerurn policy
  4. Im in market for a Sony A95L 65 inches this season. Incase you decide to go ahead with your purchase, maybe we can push for a better discount on 2 tv purchases.
  5. Which tv would you be in the market for?
  6. Hopefully imported sabun ho, warna usme bhi katjayega
  7. They are angreji owned subsidiary under lowest level gaandu desi managment. Ab no returns on most items. Customer gets used or wrong product, fk is like tera kat gaya ab apni bhund marwa, hame tung mat kario galti se bhi. They have various hidden fees now Offer handling fee, packing fee, return fee, exchange fee, customer chutiya banna fee, loda lassan fee. There delivery timelines on product link page and at order time are always misleading. I have seen delivery estimate as 5AM tomorrow morning for most gaming stuff and phones. Im like bc subah doodh wala leke aayega parcel fk se. But order karne ke time saale 4 din baad ki date dete hai. I hope things revert to they were in the past, warna its only amazon then.
  8. Call cc and ask them to close it and pay before next statement generation
  9. Amazon is running a 10% off on citi and an additional 500 off on 12 months emi Add Rs 5200 or 5000 psn codes on amazon and buy on 12 months emi. Afterwards close the emi. Citibank refunds all processing fees and charges no interest to close emi.
  10. Can anyone put in GTA V for ps4 please? Only need it to transfer my save from ps4 to ps5.
  11. Call up sbi customer care and ask them to transfer xx amount of credit limit into cashback card. Ive done the same and can confirm this works.
  12. Im selling my entire jotnar edition if anyone is interested. Opened tho and all codes are still intact and unused. Delhi 17k.
  13. Mine arrived Head to TP if anyone wants the digital deluxe version.
  14. Any retailer in your area may also sell the same for 200-300?
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