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  1. Fk has closed this email. got a reply this email is no longer in use.
  2. Iam currently going through this. Delivery guy was trying to deliver an incomplete order as a complete order. I Rejected the entire order amd he took it back but yet it showed up delivered and fk rejected refund citing delivery exe has confirmed delivering the order. Im glad i have the entire interaction with delivery executive on cctv footage that shows him bringing the order and taking it back but fk simply is ignorning me with all complaints being closed citing delivery exe confirmed deliverying the order. Im now thinking of approaching Consumer court for this. Does any one knows some seniors emails at fk? Or way forward?
  3. Doesn't Amazon India sucks when it comes to pre-order deliveries?
  4. Whats the best place to get the standard edition on day 1 and get some discount too?
  5. Nope if you preclose the emi, you end up only paying an excess interest & pf of 250 max from the nce discount. So i would eventually end up paying around 13k only at the end.
  6. Yeah this is not amazon pay credit card its coral card 2% cashback is cause of gold tier in amazon business and 500 is cause of their code businesspromotion code something like EPOY22 i believe
  7. Used my icici credit card and 879 cashback is seperate from this
  8. I just ordered a pair of these on amazon and the cost was approx 13k to me. With 3.5K discount + 879 cashback n 1.5k nce discount. This seems like a steal now
  9. Keep the game with you at the moment.
  10. Ordered them already. Will update once i receive them which should be next year now Sony ones would be double the price of these. Ive ordered these already now lets see how they turn out to be. Hope amazon returns policy has me backed up incase they turn out to be disaster. I missed the 2200 price there is another seller who is selling the digital one for 2k on amazon
  11. Has anybody bought this? If so how is the quality and finishing? Im thinking of purchasing the same. https://www.amazon.in/dp/B09P8PW63Y/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_fabc_367AQXHGB6GCMYVRT32W
  12. Dualsense charging station is now available on shopatsc for 2590
  13. Shopatsc has started calling up people by yesterday evening and asking them to collect the same on same day.
  14. I dont think its a good deal. Same is available on xbox store for 276 bucks. Now thats a steal
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