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  1. Call up sbi customer care and ask them to transfer xx amount of credit limit into cashback card. Ive done the same and can confirm this works.
  2. Im selling my entire jotnar edition if anyone is interested. Opened tho and all codes are still intact and unused. Delhi 17k.
  3. Mine arrived Head to TP if anyone wants the digital deluxe version.
  4. Any retailer in your area may also sell the same for 200-300?
  5. Are we talking about collector edition? Me me me. 17K, Most prolly it will be delivered by 2mro as assured by SC.
  6. Yeah the ppgc guy shipped & was picked up on 8th itself, but my bad luck, bluedart had network delays and was delivered to me on 10th. Jotnar kardia order? Yeah mera wala bhi saying mumbai hi aaya seedha waha isliye milgya. Apne paas shayad aaj shaam ko nahi toh kal subah aajeyag and same day woh deliver karwadega.
  7. You said the entire truth.
  8. You should hit up sony centre. They would sell you at old mrp and will ask you to buy an additional controller at mrp.
  9. Ppgc has jotnar edition for prebook Go go go....
  10. Me too
  11. Booked mine jotnar Edition. 😇😇 Delivery will not be on launch date tho
  12. I have tried OL txn with both SBI & CITI, and both went through just fine. Its Axis for me which creates trouble and wont let it through.
  13. Do you have another sony remote besides a95k? See up the service menu and it will confirm the hours used. Mine said routed date 06-10-2022 Link for sony promotion and from there download the detailed terms pdf below https://www.sony.co.in/microsite/diwali22/?cpint=SG_PRODUCT_DETAILS_SEC-TOUT-A95K-EN_GL-PDP-IN-CAMPAIGN
  14. Finally had it installed. The wall mount sony offered is way too cheap. Same case, installion guy sticks a small sticker that says 3 year warranty on invoice and not on warranty card. On warranty card it says 2 year additional warranty on panel only. I think this is last years offer print. Seems normal to me. Just in case i have downloaded the sony terms pdf which mentions of 3 year warranty. Also check your vs invoice you must have received 0.75% of points against the tivo purchase. Use them after a week to get 2k discount on extended warranty from vijay sales. Am definately buying the EW from VS in a week or so for 27700ish i think. Also whats the mfg month of your unit. Mine is July 22 but i checked with service menu my hour usage was 0 Lastly have you checked out A7 or A9 home theatre?
  15. I would recommend you take the ew for as long tenure as possible. Same is also available from Sony directly as well. I believe from sony you can purchase this within 1 year from your Date of Purchase and from Vijay Sales within 11 months from DOP. I also closed down on Sony A95K yesterday for 2.42L after cb and awaiting delivery today. Could you confirm if they provided you with swivel wall mount or fix? Also was it sony branded or some local. As i own A9G and they provided swivel wall mount with it, but now VSE said sony dont provide swivel with Master Series anymore.
  16. Fk has closed this email. got a reply this email is no longer in use.
  17. Iam currently going through this. Delivery guy was trying to deliver an incomplete order as a complete order. I Rejected the entire order amd he took it back but yet it showed up delivered and fk rejected refund citing delivery exe has confirmed delivering the order. Im glad i have the entire interaction with delivery executive on cctv footage that shows him bringing the order and taking it back but fk simply is ignorning me with all complaints being closed citing delivery exe confirmed deliverying the order. Im now thinking of approaching Consumer court for this. Does any one knows some seniors emails at fk? Or way forward?
  18. Doesn't Amazon India sucks when it comes to pre-order deliveries?
  19. Whats the best place to get the standard edition on day 1 and get some discount too?
  20. Nope if you preclose the emi, you end up only paying an excess interest & pf of 250 max from the nce discount. So i would eventually end up paying around 13k only at the end.
  21. Yeah this is not amazon pay credit card its coral card 2% cashback is cause of gold tier in amazon business and 500 is cause of their code businesspromotion code something like EPOY22 i believe
  22. Used my icici credit card and 879 cashback is seperate from this
  23. I just ordered a pair of these on amazon and the cost was approx 13k to me. With 3.5K discount + 879 cashback n 1.5k nce discount. This seems like a steal now
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