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  1. Theres no point in buying a jacked up overpriced 5 atm then, unless they were releasing god of war Ragnarok in a month. :p
  2. They are doing it on their own but ive seen on one of of the articles where a retailer has said sony is forcing them to buy games and accessories to have restock quantities. So in a way sony is forcing items A B with PS5 to retailers and retailers are enlarging the forced bundle items A B C D with the console. In the end consumer suffers only.
  3. Oled is best till date EoD Fald is like buying a fake rayban and then showing off saying i have a original rayban
  4. Mate the game is currently with a friend of mine locally and one of his fam members is covid positive. I hope they recover. Can only update after that.
  5. Seems like they forgot to update the name of the month
  6. Apologies i stand corrected. That was remote play and not cloud sorry guys got confused.
  7. Thanks resolved my nat issues and cloud gaming works perfect for me now on android.
  8. Is it just me, that physical discs are not available for xbox games here as easily as playstation 4/5 games are
  9. Blue chayiye toh mere se lele. Sealed hai amazon ke deal price se bhi sasta hi padega :p
  10. Have been using excitel since may 2016. Downtime is hardly any once i was moved to fibre in 2018. For gaming ping is just average
  11. I believe excitel did that I have been paying 555 incl gst for 300mbps 3.3TB per month
  12. Have put 700 gigs of downloads in queue. I know ill be disappointed in the morning.
  13. Can some one help out on how to increase download speeds of games?
  14. 3 months didnt work out for you either? Also mate would you recommend me some gp games? :p
  15. Activated 36 months GPU. I didnt get any 3 months ultimate for 50, instead i got for 1 month but my sub now ends on 12-04-24. So it just got converted into ultimate pass but didnt got any extra month. Also i have never had redeemed gpu ever or had any trial.
  16. Done with the game. Should i return this? @funjabi
  17. Need some advice guys I bought hitman 3 for ps5 and have the disc along with the vr code. I have hitman 1 and 2 as well on disc Firstly i wanted to ask, the hitman 5 on ps5 is 60fps? Or improved graphics? Or is it same as on ps4? Secondly can i use the vr code to download the game on ps5 and play (will that be ps5 or ps4 backward) and sell the disc Lastly how can i have hitman 1 & 2 installed in the vr code version? Or will that work on disc only? @koolkunz
  18. They need to make a profit with "legal formalities" Ive seen it being sold for 1500. So you know where the extra money is going
  19. If anyone is looking for Indian XSX in NCR Zupitex has it in stock but are only selling as a bundle along with Gears Tactics for 55600/- and won't sell standalone.
  20. Currently with, @Felix the cat received on 5th January, 2022. Previous borrowers, Queue,
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