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  1. Mine is still preparing for dispatch. Delhi order.
  2. Of all stories i have heard of being shipped. All of them have a game or accessory being ordered days a part. But are being shipped out as a bundle.
  3. Is yours ordered with a ps5 game or acessory as well?
  4. The guys that have their amazon orders shipped already. Did you ordered the console and a game or accessory for ps5 too? Or just the standalone console. Of all the shipments i have seen of amazon on twitter i have seen all people that have a game or accessory as well. Seems amazon is prioritising them and not the time of order.
  5. Aaj jaldi so lo kal subah definately nearest hub par hoga. Har din yahi sochke sota hu but bc l*nd hota hai
  6. I think maybe amazon overbooked and now they are squeezing sony to get units. And are shipping out randomly as soon as they become available. Mine is still being sourced out. All hope on fk now that they somehow delivers tomorrow
  7. Sab on road shipments hai no air shipments for medium to heavy items
  8. Doctor sahab ka operation successful ho gya. Mubarka mubarka
  9. Yeh bc amazon seedha manufacture hi kar rha hai apne ps5 sony ke liye. Bante hi ship karenge
  10. Sony India has launched a new manufacturing facility of Playstation 5 in Amazon warehouses. Once ordered your unit will be then manufactured and shipped to you piping hot from the factory.
  11. Sam bhai tu bhi authorised dealer bangya sony playstation ka? *Me : goes in corner and cries
  12. Calm down I usually get items shipped from tohana at around 2-3 am and get delivered in morning so most likely it will ship in the next 12 hours and be delivered on 3rd
  13. Logix wale kaat na rhe ho. I remember at time of oneplus 8 pro i was being lured by croma saket wale ki sir payment karo min 25k and oneplus 8 pro warehouse main pada hai kal parso miljayega aapko. I told them ill wait mangwao yahi will pay full only and take in hand delivery. Next 1-2 days bhi same drama tha. I know one guy who paid them waited for extended time beyond their commitment. So dont trust the store wale they just want store revenue and dont care afterwards
  14. Mera bhi preparing for dispatch hi hai. Flipkart wala kal miljaye shayad
  15. Call up any croma nearby your place. All have a same shared warehouse.
  16. Im in same boat. Ive had an order delivered from bhiwadi hub to delhi in 2 days flat. Being positive this will land in farukhnagar motherhub tomorrow early morning and by lunch it will be out for delivery as per past experience.
  17. Iska time aur route batado, isko aaj raaste main lootlenge jab ps5 waapis leke aa rha hoga.
  18. Aaj tak toh apna hi pakda hai. 😅 Delhi ke koi sony centre se pickup le rha hai aaj?
  19. Ps5 bahut bada hai re haath main nahi aayega. Haath main toh bus nunu aata hai dhang se
  20. Does anybody know who dehradun se jo claim kar rha tha ki he'll get in on 1st feb 6pm itself uska kuch hua ya chupiya nikla kaandu?
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