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  1. Abe bhai tera amazon toh kal aa rha hai phir fk ki tension kyu?
  2. Yes Sorry boss but prolly that means not today maybe. Mine still says preparing for dispatch but i can access packing list. Which means mine is packed to be sent most prolly
  3. Try to view order details and there is an option to download invoice. It will show up packing list if your ps5 is to be shipped today. Mine still preparing for dispatch but packing list is accessible to me now.
  4. How many of you are still awaiting shipments from amazon. I might have some good news.
  5. Welcome to next gen gaming. Where this features allows to run games much faster.
  6. Bhai tum rehne do. Tum ps5 wale kya jaano hum ps0 walo ka level of frustration
  7. Woh sab toh theek hai bhai yeh bata Yeh katni pathar hai ya italian?
  8. Idhar bc flipkart bhi bhiwandi main ps5 ko rakhe achar bana raha hai shayad. 30 ghante ho gye abhi tak haryana na pahucha bhiwandi se chala hua
  9. My again went to preparing for dispatch and then not yet dispatched and then again preparing to dispatch. Behenkeghodo maal pee rakha hai kya?
  10. Is your status still preparing for dispatch or changed to not yet dispatched?
  11. Bhai cancel mat karna bhul ke bhi. Thodi der ka sakoon hai bus 5 mins max uske basd regret bhara rahega
  12. True words. Idhar bc ek major investment karke new client ko handle karna hai but bc udhar dhyaan hi nahi jaa rha sab idhar hi chal rha hai. Kismat main hai apni la*de Amazon wale mazze le ke kha rhe hai pakode
  13. Finally there is an update on my order. About time It now says "Not yet Dispatched" Instead Preparing for Dispatch. Amazon Amazing Chupiya hai. Lagta hai ab yeh humare saath tenet khel rha hai.
  14. I just did the same. To see now that i have a controller too, will they ship it today along with the console.
  15. Initiated a chat with amazon cc to see what will they say. The lady on the other end says wait till 11th feb or cancel the order and place again straight up. I get it they are frustrated but guiding someone wrong is far worse.
  16. My assumption was based on an order 2 weeks earlier
  17. Same with fk kaatdiya aaj ka bhi Kal ka karna hai ab intezaar
  18. Mine is still preparing for dispatch. Delhi order.
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