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Found 3 results

  1. This thread will serve as PC gaming hub for info on PC gaming and such and any news,rumors regarding PC Gaming,PC hardware can be posted here !! this section would cover the following too WHY PC Benefits of PC gaming PC's are awesome machines which can serve the purpose of gaming perfectly and can be used for ur entertainment,work etc PC Gaming as a whole is quite cheaper You have the Freedom to choose each and every component for ur Gaming pc and have the freedom to upgrade it whenever u want it to !! You can link your PC's to Monitors as well as TVs or even both (multi monitor setup anyone) PCs are backwards compatible therefore u can play old games on ur pc for that nostalgic feel You can use nearly every controller used with consoles to play games on ur pc (PS3,PS4,XB360,XBONE) PC games offer clearer image thanks to native resolution Gaming Services and Social services on PC are completely free (steam,mumble etc) Gaming Services on PC offer more functionality than what u pay for on consoles PCs offer much better multiplayer support (LAN, 16x local multiplayer) Using a modern Gpu Helps u get those 60Fps in ur games on ur Gaming PC PCs be used for education, entertainment, gaming and they are best at it PCs have more exclusives than current gen consoles combined and many of them are highly-rated Free Game mods and enhancements Healthy indie developer scene Free abandonware titles Big Picture mode on Steam for couch gaming !! Easier to repair and highly modular No punishments for repairing Easier to upgrade Higher and smoother framerates in games Games can be played on higher resolution Higher graphical details (lighting, textures, foliage, particles, shading, weather) If u already own some kind of deskstop pc then u can upgrade it and make turn it into Gaming PC !! Lots of Free Games PC Gaming has a lot of benefits which help Gamers and The Gaming Industry such as PC Games are sold at good discounts thanks to GOG,Steam and humble bundle and there are even studio bundles are sold at good prices with discounts that can save you around 25-50%. there are summer sales and winter sales on steam too that help u get games and bundles 50-75 % discount Even at full price on a console, developers make more money from it being sold on Steam for 75% off. Why? Because developing for PC has no per-sale royalty fees, no development kit fees, no submission fees, and no cost of physically manufacturing/shipping/stocking their finished products. Your money goes straight to the developer's pocket, and the game directly onto your PC even Hardware makers earn much healthier margins on PC since they dont rely on contracts of ms or sony Each PC part has longer warranties PCs can be opened and be cleaned,upgraded or even repaired legally Games can be played on higher frame rates and resolutions PC games can be modded which also support the devs and much more !!! How to move individual ORIGIN titles to a SSD, How to Build a Gaming PC NOTE: Please don't lock the thread i have taken ninja's permission plus took a lot of time to make this ;-;
  2. Greetings from Gtek Pune, We are System Integrators based out of Pune who deal in customized IT solutions, be it workstations, gaming PCs, parts and much more! We are here to be a part of this awesome community and help you with all your PC related requirements, we'll be offering some exclusive deals to the members of this community so keep watching this space for more information! p.s. One of the community members by the name of @harjas works with us and that's how we came to know about IVG With that being said, hope to have some great conversations with you all. *Please note we do not have any e-commerce site as of now(currently in pipeline) therefore our payment methods are limited to Bank Transfers/ UPI.*
  3. Back in 2015, Valve got sued by a French consumer organization called UFC-Que Choisir (not to be confused with non-French, non-consumer organization the Ultimate Fighting Championship). UFC-Que Choisir had a multitude of bones to pick with the longtime Steam steward, the biggest among them being that Steam doesn’t let users resell their games. Four years later, a French court has ruled in UFC-Que Choisir’s favor. Valve plans to appeal. According to the French gaming site Numerama, as well as UFC-Que Choisir itself, the High Court of Paris ruled in UFC-Que Choisir’s favor earlier this week. If Valve’s appeal fails, this ruling stands to have ramifications not just in France, but across the European Union. Specifically, the court didn’t find Valve’s defense that Steam is a subscription service compelling. As a result, the court declared that users should be allowed to resell Steam games. The court ruled in favor of UFC-Que Choisir on other counts, too. In its original suit, the organization had also taken aim at the fact that, if a user leaves Steam, Valve would keep whatever currency was left in their Steam Wallet. The recent ruling states that the company will instead have to reimburse users who request it. Valve must now also accept responsibility when users say an item on Steam caused them harm, even if it’s in beta. Valve’s rights to users’ mods and community content will also be diminished, and the company will have to clarify the conditions under which users can lose access to Steam for poor behavior. If Valve refuses to change its rules and post the court’s decision to Steam within a month, it will have to pay a fine of up to 3,000 Euros per day for up to six months. Again, though, Valve, plans to appeal the ruling. “We disagree with the decision of the Paris Court of First Instance and will appeal it,” a Valve representative told Kotaku in an email. “The decision will have no effect on Steam while the case is on appeal.” So don’t expect any major changes in the near future. Still, it’s notable that UFC-Que Choisir scored this victory, and it could very well lead to changes on Valve’s platform. A 2014 Australian court ruling, for example, led to Steam’s current refund policy. Similarly, the company began to go after the 2.3 billion dollar Counter-Strike gambling ring that sprung up in its backyard in 2016 only after lawsuits began to trickle in. For now, however, the appeal still lies ahead, so probably don’t go around trying to pawn off your old, digital-dust-covered games just yet. Source: Kotaku
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