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Found 1 result

  1. Simple game, simple rules. Rules: 1. Participants will submit their scoreline predictions for each day's matches [Match Day schedule]. 2. Deadline for submitting predictions for a Match Day will be before the start of the first match of the day. 3. While posting predictions, please don't interchange Home and Away teams. 4. You can post your predictions for the entire tournament at once if you want to, but it will be more fun if we predict results on daily basis (or even weekly basis if you are too busy) 5. Participants are NOT allowed to EDIT their posts after submitting their predictions. If, for some reason, they want to change their predictions before deadline, just strike through the text on old post and make a new post with updated prediction. Rules for Knockout Stage predictions: 1. If a match ends as a draw after 90 mins, then the scoreline (and outcome) after Extra Time [120' + added/injury time] will be considered correct for our contest. 2. It means all three outcomes (Win, Draw and Loss) will still be possible during Knockout Stage. 3. Goals scored in Penalty Shootouts will not count. 4. Participants don't need to mention whether a match will go into Extra Time or not. PRIZE: None. Points System: Correct Scoreline + Correct Outcome = 10 points Correct Outcome = 3 points Incorrect Outcome = -1 point Participants will earn double points for the Final: Correct Scoreline + Correct Outcome = 20 points Correct Outcome = 6 points Incorrect Outcome = -2 points I will make a leaderboard and we will see who tops it after 64 matches. If you are interested, please register by providing following details: Name: Bharat Kumar (or you can use your IVG ID) Winner prediction: Australia IMPORTANT: Predictions must be posted in the following format: Qatar - Ecuador (Prediction Match Day 1 example) 2-1 Please don't interchange team names. Team names will be considered in original sequence fixed by FIFA (Qatar is assigned as Home team in Match Day 1 fixture). So, if someone swapped team names and submitted their prediction like: Ecuador - Qatar 3-1 Their prediction will still be considered as Qatar 3-1 Ecuador. So, please don't bother changing team names. The number on the left side of your predicted scoreline (3 in 3-1) will always be given to the Home team. It is the first time I am doing this. There may be a need to add some more rules. I will keep updating the OP. If we have at least 5 members, we will go ahead. ----------- Tables: Leaderboard Predictions Fixtures Knockout Bracket
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