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Found 4 results

  1. Elevate your gaming experience to unprecedented levels with the right equipment and accessories tailored to enhance your gameplay. In this article, we delve into a meticulously curated assortment of gaming peripherals and gear that are guaranteed to elevate your gaming sessions to the next echelon. From immersive audio solutions to input devices that enhance precision, we have you covered with the finest tools to optimize your performance and maximize your enjoyment. Gaming Headsets: Immerse yourself in the virtual realm with top-notch gaming headsets that provide surround sound, noise reduction, and designs that prioritize comfort for those marathon gaming sessions. Gaming Keyboards: Amplify your gaming prowess with mechanical gaming keyboards that offer customizable RGB lighting, macro keys, and lightning-fast response times. Gaming Mice: Fine-tune your accuracy and responsiveness with gaming mice that provide adjustable DPI, programmable buttons, and ergonomic designs that ensure a comfortable grip. Gaming Controllers: For console gamers, we suggest advanced gaming controllers that boast enhanced ergonomics, additional buttons, and personalized profiles for diverse game genres. Gaming Monitors: Optimize your visual experience with gaming monitors that boast high refresh rates, minimal response times, and resolutions that deliver seamless, tear-free gameplay. Gaming Chairs: Guarantee comfort and support during extended gaming sessions with ergonomic gaming chairs engineered to reduce fatigue and enhance posture. Gaming Mousepads: Achieve precision and fluidity with expansive, top-quality gaming mousepads that offer ample space for precise movements. Gaming Microphones: For multiplayer and streaming enthusiasts, we recommend premium microphones with noise cancellation capabilities and crystal-clear audio capture. Gaming Capture Cards: Enable content creation by suggesting gaming capture cards that allow for high-definition recording and streaming of gameplay. Gaming Storage Solutions: Enhance loading times and expand storage capacity with high-performance SSDs and external hard drives specifically designed for gaming purposes.
  2. I have observed that there are multiple individual threads regarding which monitors to buy for gaming/workstation/multimedia etc. as the same question in PC ask the experts thread doesn't get much response. I too have been waiting to purchase a gaming monitor due to lack of options in India. The delay in launching new products in our country is quite frustrating. Thus guidance to prospective buyer as to the current availability of a product or the current options in the market would be very helpful. 1. Prospective buyers can post the specs they are looking for or their use case and budget and get recommendations from other members. 2. It would also be great if all the members can post which monitor are they currently using along with short feedback/review and any experience they had with after sales service. Even just mentioning the name of the currently owned monitor along with PC specs would help build a consensus of the right/most popular monitor for a specific use case/specs. 3. General discussion regarding monitors like any issue being faced or tuning etc. Cheers.
  3. We Are A Small Team Of Young Indian Teens. And We Have Started This special Game project, to represent our country on a global level. An "Indian Story-Based Video Game Project, In An Indian Language" But With a SPECIAL Name: Abe Chup -The Adventures Of BAPY | भारतीय आभासिक पर्यटन योजना Before you judge, here's a small teaser for you : This Game is a Hindi Language Story game, focused on first-person - puzzle-based gameplay inspired by games like Half-life, portal, hello neighbor, tomb raider & hell blade. It takes Place in Various Popular Indian Locations Like, the Himalayas, at the start and the further story takes you to a whole ride of 11 selected Indian popular places. Fortunately, the Project Had A Good Start With a Publicly Appreciated Alpha Demo Developed By The Team's Hard-Work Under 4 Months. You Can Check Our Game Project's Demo Gameplay Video Here: However We Are Facing A Lot Of Budget Problems That Are Being Halt In The Process Of Our Game Development, And We Need Funds To Afford A Good PC, Equipment, Etc. To Develop The Final Product So Even if anyone of you, Even donates a single rupee to this Game Project That really helps us to build up some part of this game and more importantly inner motivation to do something new and never Give Up. https://milaap.org/fundraisers/support-an-indian-culture-game-project This Project Has An Aim To Showcase A Quality Story, Cinematic, Puzzles, Dialogues, Etc. Which Will Take Place In Various Locations Inspired From Popular Indian Locations And Monuments So Here With Your Love, You Can Help This Project To Get Us A Seed Start For Developing This Game And Showcasing That Indian youth Can Also Create Something Meaningful And Creative Even Under Small Teams. We have launched an Alpha Demo for Players to play and We are planning to soon release a video series about the insights of our game's development journey! https://assassinomanik.itch.io/abe-chup As The Lead Developer Is just 17 Years Old (I Mean Me): A Total Amount Of 11 Thousand Was Spent In This Project Till Yet But Now I Need A Better PC And Some Monthly Server And Internet Expenses To Develop This Game Further And Now You People Can Get Us This Starting Amount Of Around 1 Lakh Rupees To Get This Project's Production Stage Finally Started. Thank you so much ~with love Manik Sahu (Lead Developer)
  4. GAME CHANGER ALERT. LETS SUPPORT THE #ESPORTS CULTURE. Rent High End Gaming PCs delivered to your doorstep starting at 3500/month specially for the IVG Community. Explore from i5/i7, Ryzen 5/7 Processors , RTX 2060, GTX 1650 Super, 32/16/8 GB RAM. Monitors 75hz,144Hz,244Hz, Benq, LG Monitors. GET 1000/- off on Intel Set ups + Free Delivery & Pick up to your doorstep. Find attachment below for tariff. https://ibb.co/z2qQZQG https://ibb.co/zXDyvrm Rentkar- Switch to Share serves as a trusted peer to peer rental platform where you can share your underutilized items around the city securely. At Rentkar, we vouch to bridge ideal resources to needs, with authenticity and relatively inexpensive costs. Your favorite Musical Instruments, your father's favorite camera, or your brother's beloved Gaming console/PC is now just a few clicks away. We are just one call or DM away. 24/7 Available. Call us:- +91 8767918783/7900042875 WhatsApp us :- http://wa.me/917900042875 Instagram:- http://www.instagram.com/rentkar_app
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