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Found 1 result

  1. Seems like the previous thread did not survive the transition. I couldn't find it. Mods please do your thing if I've missed it. Thoughts on the Vision Pro, in no particular order. 1. Not a great name 2. Seems kinda dorky 3. Seems to offer amazing experiences, that aren't possible on any other device. 4. Seems like the pinnacle of Apple engineering 5. Not sure if Jobs would've gone there, seems unlikely, but he's dead. 6. Way more compelling than when the Apple Watch launched, even though the watch was a lot more affordable. 7. The wife saw the video and was immediately intrigued. When she saw the cinema screen in a lakeside setting, she immediately wanted one. "I'm not getting on a flight without that now" 8. This is a stoner's/meditator's paradise. 9. Manipulating air by hand and selections with eye movements: that's Tony Stark sh*t. 10. Price: A large, static, state-of-the-art OLED TV can cost as much, or close to it. That TV stays in your room, on a wall. It can't be in an infinite expanse of any setting you please, and it can't be a theatre. Set the TV up properly with lighting, hue play etc. and that's another lakh or so right there. The Vision Pro can do this and a lot more, plus it goes with you on the plane. Plus: Spatial audio with real-world ray tracing! On the other hand, it can't accommodate external signals like from a PS5. Yet. I mean, look at this: I'd buy it just for this. The best projector in the world can't give you this right now. And they readily go over $20000. Imagine watching sports on that thing, like you're in the goddamn stadium, but better, because you'll have the umpire's "seat", or the driver's seat, or damn near any space in the arena. The possibilities are near endless, and I'm excited. To me, the implications are a little more profound, and psychological. The Vision Pro represents a proper shift on interactions. Would you wear this with multiple people in the room, like at home? Seems unlikely. So it is more of an individual piece with a higher isolating effect than any device previously available, which, it seems, humans are glued to regardless. In that sense, does it create a higher gap between real humans going forward? Or does it improve upon our "reality" in ways that makes us more productive and enables us in ways we can't yet imagine. Right now, I really really just want to try one.
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