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Found 18 results

  1. Here you will find The Links to The IVG's Awesome Gaming Channels And some Other Gaming Channels Run By Me,Mafia97aka Mohit And More IVG's Gaming Channel:- Link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdwSHDyXRB-VmrFDjszRuZg Latest Video : HG UNIFIED'S Gaming Channel :- Link :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAf-KtEmTT3T994wyBJ5OXw Latest Video : That Sikh Gamer's Gaming Channel (My Channel) Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY4L9bsUR8PGFok4fIEX6_Q?view_as=subscriber latest video: Diet Gaming''s Gaming Channel :- Link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb567vLHZsI53cgbH2ag-Iw Latest Video : Slackerninja's Gaming Channel Link :https://www.youtube.com/user/chr0n0stop/videos?sort=dd&shelf_id=0&view=0 Latest Video : cinecon's aka Devozpaz channel Link : https://www.youtube.com/user/cineconify Latest Video : Walker's Gaming Channel Link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4WsLJT8OpOoXFXvpY74bAw?nohtml5=False Latest Video : If any other Ivg member has/her own Gaming Channel Let me know I'll Add it Here !!
  2. Hi Guys, I'm working on a website design which is a Directory for the following Information: Indian Gaming Studios. Indian Gaming Tournaments. Gaming Tournaments where Indian players participate. Professional Indian Gaming Teams. Professional Indian Gaming Individuals. My reasons to do so: Increase & amplify eSport & Pro Gaming Culture. Make it easy for brands to do research and make educated investment decisions. Make it easy for players to connect to other players. Give an international audience a glimpse of the sheer scale of Indian Gaming Industry. Encourage & motivate new gamers to reach a Pro level potential by sharing statistics. Demolish stigma of gaming a hobby and waste of time by using numbers and statistics. What I need help with (In order of priority) Building Database - Help me with mining data and mining a Google Sheet where everyone who is a part of this can contribute to. Anyone interested in developing this website I'm a UI designer and need some help with front end coding and back-end structure. I could also use Wix or Square Space if the above is not possible. Help promote this Directory when it gets ready (Not urgent) What in it for me? (I mean you ) Well if you work on this project, It'll be yours. And mine. And everybody's. I don't want to own the IP but share it. It's also not something new and extraordinary. I'm just trying to make it centralized and make it user friendly. So whoever works on this can call it theirs Fair enough? We can eventually put some ads on it if it get's expensive to build or maintain and split the cost. Considering this is the only forum I've posted this, we can add a footnote and credit this forum with a link Not sure what else but it's kind of cause driven so if this question is "what in it for me?" comes up in your mind more often I'd say let's not do this What is the current status and what is it called? I don't know the name yet. Haven't really though about it. I'm using Figma to do the basic wire-framing of the page design. I'm still on the homepage (It's a new Idea so please cut me some slack ) I'm still waiting to hear from you. What do you think and will you help? Who should ideally join? Well, it's not going to be an easy ride so I'll lay some facts out below (Plus sorry if I sound a bit cocky, it's just excitement) Someone who can bring something to the table. For eg: Coding (Front end & Back end) Someone who can spare a few hours per week on help build the database (Very important) Someone who has some information about inner-workings of Pro Gaming Culture or eSport Let's keep this team small so how about around 4-5 members? Most of all, someone who really wants to work on this Who am I? Firstly, I'm not associated with any gaming company or don't have any agenda to promote anything other than the culture of gaming itself. I'm a UI/UX & Graphic Designer, currently working in Goa I generally rally behind PC gaming because I that's what I grew up playing. Could hardly afford a console in the beginning so now I got used to PC gaming and playing since I remember remembering. I use controller with PC while playing Ori and the Blind Forest, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed & Rocket League I want to once play in a Rocket League Tournament (When I get better at it ) So there. All that I wanted to share. Thank you so much for reading till here. I hope I posted this thread in the right category. I also hope this kind of post if not against any forum rules. So if I did break any rules, please let me go with a warning and don't ban me. ( Nice moderators ) Really excited to hear your thoughts. Cheers! Edits: 1). 9th May 2019: Grammar & Spellings
  3. What we know (so far): - Google have hired Jade Raymond as Vice President. - They are probably working on a game streaming platform. - Might announce a streaming console/box. - Recently patented a controller design. - Teased a 'Gaming Announcement' livestream at GDC 2019. - After the keynote, Google has some high-profile guests lined up for its Developer Day sessions taking place in the afternoon. Crystal Dynamics, Amy Hennig, and Raph Koster will be there, as well as Ubisoft and id Software. The Ubisoft connection is easy to understand, as Assassin's Creed Odyssey was used in a test of Google's streaming platform. Watch Google's GDC Livestream here (March 19th, 10:30 PM IST):
  4. I am Currently using a gaming PC which is giving me very much problem in terms of emitting heat, The room in which I am playing doesn't have any AC and yes it comparatively hot. I need an opinion or the solution to solve the Heating Issues Standard size and a big Heatsink. The Hardware of my Gaming PC is outdated ( DDr2 Ram, I am not having any problem of Overclocked. Do you guys happen to face any problem like this before and can give me any solution. One thing I am definitely going to do is to buy a good case fan and I am again confused in between (https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51cytfitmYL.jpg) and https://www.glinkster.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Thermaltake-Riing-12-LED-Case-Fan.jpg Any specific models or Advice of products would be greatly appreciated?
  5. Hi everyone, I am a PhD student in Physical Therapy at NSU, Florida, USA (nova.edu). My dissertation is the physical and emotional effects of video gaming. The survey aims to gain understanding of the different aspects of gaming that affects physical well-being. The moderators of this forum have been kind enough to help me with some exposure for my survey. The survey does not collect personal information (please click "Done" button, once completed): http://www.surveyface.com/l/gaming-health-vitality The survey will take about 20 minutes to complete. Also, please feel free to share this survey anywhere there might be gamers - to friends or on gaming forums, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook etc. – it's for academic research. Thank you for your time! Wishing all of you good health!
  6. bappyjafar88

    Game Manager

    Hi, we are a young startup but established business since 2012. We have satisfied hundred thousands of clients. The top Pro players support us. We are looking to recruit new passionate gamers to grow together. If you want to transform your passion in gaming into a work, you should apply. You should have Expert Knowledge in at least one the following games: https://pastebin.com/1txyaEN0 We have 250 vacant position for each game. Apply here: http://careers.blazingboost.com/o/game-manager Best wishes, Bappy
  7. bappyjafar88

    Game Manager

    Hi, we are a young startup but established business since 2012. We have satisfied hundred thousands of clients. The top Pro players support us. We are looking to recruit new passionate gamers to grow together. If you want to transform your passion in gaming into a work, you should apply. You should have Expert Knowledge in at least one the following games: https://pastebin.com/1txyaEN0 We have 250 vacant position for each game. Apply here: http://careers.blazingboost.com/o/game-manager Best wishes, Bappy
  8. ceenikc

    FIFA 18 Online 1v1 Tournament

    Register For OneShot User Id FIFA 18 Online Tournament (1v1) Date: Coming Soon OneShot User Registration Link- www.oneshotesports.com/register Register For FREE!! OneShot Esports Facebook Page
  9. we have launched a brand new esports website, www.igllive.com (open for registration only) Amid very big claims of big prizes and flashy future, we offer a community driven free esports website. where starting from December, 2017 users will have free ladders and tournaments (LAN/ONLINE). Yes LAN, as we don't promise big and flashy, we do promise a good experience as long as you support us. Goal is to create a esports platform which is community driven. Our hope is to establish a national LAN league, but as we mentioned no big promises we can't keep, so baby steps. LAN league will be held in 2018, starting from DELHI, league will depend on our community growth, So in short its in your hands, Register, create teams and play and help us establish a true community driven LAN/ONLINE league. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and spread the word.
  10. Head 'n' Trails : Finger dodge How long can your finger skills survive? Head 'n' Trails : Finger dodge is an endless fast paced high score game with dynamic music and a minimalistic one touch gameplay that will surely test your finger reflexes. So, how fast can you react? Touch and hold the screen as long as you can. The trailing head will follow your finger. Don't lyft your finger or hit black obstacles coming down your way. Collect as many stars as possible to gain score. Choose your favorite skin color from the toggle button at home screen. Collect hearts to trade it for cool heads. Compete against the players all over the world and top the leaderboard charts. Have cool finger skills ? Try this extremly adventurous game once! Features :- 1. One touch minimalist gameplay 2. Endless adventure with progressive difficulty 3. Dynamic music theme 4. Different colors to try for free 5. Free to play and no in app purchases 6. Leaderboard and Achievements 7. Addicitive and fun for all ages GOOGLE PLAY LINK : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.trailinghead.fingersdodge
  11. I'm following this website for Android news, but now there are also many interesting gaming news and reviews. It is worth to check it out. http://mobilenewsflash.com/#category/18/18/Gaming
  12. All those who are using Telegram messenger app on their phones and PCs may join the Telegram PC Gaming Group, https://telegram.me/onlyPcgroup Install Telegram application and you may join using the above link. It is a small international community of gamers and everyone is welcome. We discuss about new deals, gaming news, tech help and go off topic as well. Console gamers are welcome too. For those of you who don't know what telegram is, its similar to Whatsapp but exponentially better with stickers and bot platform. I recommend everyone to install the app and join. Perhaps later we can have a separate group for IVG. What are your thoughts? Share your feedback.
  13. Gameloft is having an update launch to announce a new update in our popular game: Asphalt 8 Airborne to celebrate the grandeur of the ongoing Rio Olympics 2016. Any gamer, blogger or media person is most welcome . Please note that an invite is required to attend this event. Anyone who is interested in attending this event should let me know and I will secure an invite for you. @MODS please feel free to move this thread if you think it doesnt belongs here. Venue and details are as follows: Venue : The Royal Plaza, 19, Ashoka Road, Janpath Lane, Cannought Place, New Delhi - 110001 Date : 19 August 2016 Timings : 14:00-17:00
  14. Hello gamers, I am planning to open a gaming lounge in Jaipur. It's going to be console-only gaming lounge at first and after receiving first few months of response, I may include PCs too. Initially, I am planning to have 5 PS4s and 2 XBOX One. Interior is planned to be little dark with different colors ambience. There will be tea, coffee vending machine along with cold drinks and chips. Now, I need some help with my business model. First, What should be the rate per hour for console gaming? I have seen Rs. 200 for console gaming (per hour). Is it too much for a city like Jaipur? Also, there is a little gaming cafe nearby which charges Rs. 40 for PS4 and XBOX One but sitting arrangement is not good there. There's a not-so-confy chair placed 3 feet from 24" LED. If I provide recliner single/double seater sofa, 40" LED (maybe 4K), PS4 or XBOX with headphones; Will you come to play at my lounge? Now what should be the ideal rate per hour? Now a question to those who already run gaming lounge or know about it, What all legal formalities do I need to do for running Gaming lounge with food+refreshments?
  15. MSI laptops bag the PCMag's Reader's Choice Award 2016 Check out the complete story @PCMag.
  16. Dear All, Please find a small survey for MSI Notebooks. Your time and cooperation is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Regards, The MSI NB India Team
  17. MSI Spring Fever Thinking about picking up a gaming notebook, well wait no more, we at MSi are proud to present our Spring Fever offer. Featuring a brand new gaming notebook and exciting offers for the current line-up. So, get your game on with our GL series notebooks,
  18. As many of you may already know, MSI offers various gaming notebook series for users with different needs, either for extreme and ultra performance or for average and mainstream gaming experiences. There were a total of four and then were extended to five series. The complete gaming notebook lineup now consists of GT, GS, GE, GP and the latest GL series. Knowing that it can get quite confusing for the end user to decide which laptop would serve them best, we have done a small article explaining our gaming line(s) and their target audience.MS For the complete line-up, head to, MSI Forums.