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Found 2 results

  1. Something not many people are aware of is that esports will be included for the first time ever in the Asian Games. The Esports Federation of India is incharge of selecting the Indian teams and is completely f**king over the participants in the process. The qualifiers were held between closed doors and at extremely short notice of 2-3 days. The participants are expected to have all their travel documents(passports) and this is extremely difficult if someone doesn't already have it. The worst part is the contract. The people representing India are expected to: * Bear all travel costs including insurance * Receive no pay from the ESFI * Can't say anything negative about the ESFI and their family/legal representative also cannot do so * Give their image rights to the ESFI forever * Are not allowed to sue the ESFI * Cannot withdraw under any circumstances * Can be fined for anything based on the ESFI's discretion and are obliged to pay in 15days Among other things. This has received alot of flak from the international esports community and caused ESFI to to release a statement which is basically PR bullshit and no guarantee that anything will change. Here are some sources and links to the whole drama: R Lewis, an American esport journalist made a video about it Bleh, who is arguably the most prominent esports figure in India There have been posts about this in esports subs but I haven't seen anything here or in the Indian news. It's a really sad state of affairs where these players have to pay to become a contractual slave in order to represent India
  2. Team, I had ordered a 7.5Kg package from Japan, with invoice value close to 150USD equivalent of JPY, I was sureshot expecting customs on the package. Track: <<redacted>> The package has been with Mumbai customs since 14th of October; the last status on Indian post is "Transfer from office of exchange (inb)" Mumbai to Bangalore and then nothing. I also havent recieved any snail mail from CBEC asking me to send details of the item / invoice etc (which they sometimes request for when they are unclear which category the item belongs to and how much they should charge on it) I am currently worried as the package has been with them for 12 days now and there hasnt been any update on the tracking and I havent heard from them directly as well. Is there a way, by which I can contact them? Should I be worried? Thanks in advance
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