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19 minutes ago, KnackChap said:



I can swear I saw the same old thing some months back but it was a girl and her smaller brother in that vid!


Is there a factory making these videos :panic:

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On 3/5/2022 at 11:21 AM, AnK said:


I don’t agree with this.

Making civilians go up against Russian military with potato equipment & artillery to stay covered & unbreachable in your own bunker is no Valor or Courage.


He should have built an armed force strong enough to stay put for this long when you knew the imminent threat from 2014-2022. 

NATO should have helped him do that in this period instead of sending equipment in a hush now.

Instead he relied totally on NATO name & now with no show & looking like a fool,using civilians to do the job. 
Leaving them with no other option. 

This is not heroic,no matter how much NATO & he himself try to cover it up & try to make it look like. 


Glad more people see this for what it is. Zelensky is a naive fool who failed to read the foreign policy threats all around him. And as a result his people have suffered. That is pretty much the opposite of leadership. 


I would rather have someone at the helm who knows what he is doing than a fool who likes to click photos. 


Also think about this the US cried hoarse about Russian psyops during Donald trump's election win. But that same psyops capability is now being called ineffective and hardly present, by the same people? 


Truth is the Russians have ALWAYS been sh*t at psyops. America takes the cake there. 


Someone on the internet had said, America will fight Russia till the last Ukrainian and I agree, that's what they're doing. 

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On 3/21/2022 at 2:28 PM, hope said:

Good point. When Modi initiated Swaach Bharat, people wanted to do it but without local authority supporting it was impossible. 


My City Indore for example is the Gutka capital :P Look at it now, people have adapted but it started with local authority coming to collect garbage daily, daily emptying dustbins and after few months they refused to take garbage from households if it was not categorized properly and thus people changed too. Now look at Indore, clean and i mean super clean. 


Thought you were from Bhopal . I am from Indore too . Yeah Kudos to local authority here for doing such a great job all these years. 

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