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PSN Sharing Team INVITE

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hi, i was looking at all the threads going about several other psn sharing teams and there was no place available for a new member.. no, the thing is want to get into a team so that i can play some games too.. but i'm a ps3 noob right now so thought of starting this thread so that those members who want to get into action but missed out or those who are ready to go but looking for some members can post it here and other members can reply here..


in the end, i hope so, we'll get a fully-functional brand new psn sharing team..


member 1: hackboy89

member 2: Still Available

member 3: Still Available

member 4: Still Available

member 5: Still Available


and we need a team leader(senior and experienced member) :doh: who will be buying the card or who will be keeping the financial record.. i don't have much knowledge so i can't lead this..



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Hey manish ...

It's not that we dint want to take u in

But there was no place,

All d best bhai finally team milgayi na ..

And ha lift chahiye??

Meri quad bike ready bai :good::)

tune toh apni quad bike bechdi saale yeh le :cry::cheers:

i'll be gettin rdr after 24 .....i'll punch a hole in ur horse using a canon ... B)

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