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This Damn Heat


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Mercury's crossed 42 and it's not even May. It's impossible to look outside because it will burn through your retinas. Electricity bills have quadrupled. Gurgaon power cuts are touching 6 hours per day. Road rage at its peak.


Post your rants about the crazy summer we're having.

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Blame it on global warming and corrupt politicians !


Oh Please ! Blame it on the people for using all these heavy duty SUVs, sedans etc instead of using public transport to commute. You have more vehicles, you need infrastructure, more trees are cut, less rain, more heat. The cycle goes on. On an average every city registers around a 1000 new vehicles every month, how will the environment be not damaged ?


Its funny when people complain about environment damage and heavy traffic when they themselves are partly responsible for it !

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^^ shantz :hug:


Hopefully with metro , public commute will be more easier and flexible in blore too.


The amount of trees that are being cut to make way for these apartments brings tears to my eyes :'( Worst part is most of them are luxury apartments (above 80L) which can be afforded by only a certain section of the society , so most of them are unoccupied and lie vacant :rant:

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On another note... not just the amount of cars... The amount of cars that run with AC all the time, me including.

Thats all a huge impact on general temp rise. My city used to be bearable in summers. Now i cant even step put outside.

Our new house had only 2 AC's "planned". Now there is 3 AC's fixed and 2 more in 50-50. The heat is just too much.


And another thing is not just the apartments... how they are build. They do not provide the optimum conditions for the natural air flow.

They block it. :rant:. Town plannings should be blamed. and when flats come up... they suck the bloody ground water also...

That also relates to the temp rise.. :hug::D


Is 2012 our end afterall?.. Shall i see ps4 and x720?...

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