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PS3 VGA Output..

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So it goes like this..


i have a ps3 80gb

a monitor without dvi or any other input, and it only has vga input.. can't buy a new screen and my parents don't like it when i play on the lcd residing in their bedroom..


so i'm trying to find a method so that i can get vga signal output from my ps3..


after searching, i've found these options:

1) A costly vga box

2) That ps3/wii vga cable

Buy VGA Cable (PS3 & Nintendo Wii) - Play-Asia.com

3) Component-vga cable (bi-directional)

DealExtreme: $2.92 VGA to Component Video TV-Out Cable


now, the 3rd option is really cheap as I'd just have to buy a ps3 component cable and I'll be good to go..


wanna ask if anyone has experience in using this setup.. need to know if it will have any ghosting or distortion..


i don't need 1080p, i'm happy with 740p

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