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The Graphic Novels / Comic Books Thread


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My local Landmark also has a great collection of Gaiman's Sandman series. Gotta start collecting those! In fact the store has a very impressive collection of graphic novels. I bought most of the absolute must-buy ones from the US thinking I'd never find them over here.

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Okay, after hijacking the Iron Man thread several times and seeing how many people love this stuff, I decided to create a dedicated thread for everything related to comic books and graphic novels.


So let's talk people!

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Er, my bad.


So, have you read History Of Violence :D.

It was also made into a movie.


Haven't read it but I've seen the movie.


BTW, here's the list of graphic novels I own in print...



Watchmen - the quintessential graphic novel!

V For Vendetta - another one!


Batman - The Dark Knight Returns

Batman - The Long Halloween

Batman - Dark Victory

Batman - Arkham Asylum (freaky stuff!!)

Batman - Year One (Frank Miller)

Batman - The Killing Joke (twisted! really shows how f**ked up The Joker is!)


John Constantine: Hellblazer - Dangerous Habits


Kingdom Come

Crisis On Infinite Earths

Infinite Crisis



Spiderman - Ultimate Carnage

Marvel 1602

Marvel Secret Wars



Frank Miller's 300

30 Days Of Night

30 Days Of Night: Three Tales

Hellraiser: Collected Best

Frank Miller's Hard Boiled

Frank Miller's Sin City: The Hard Goodbye


^^ I must have forgotten a couple, but I guess that's pretty much...

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@O&E, I've read From Hell and watched the movie too. However, Alan Moore doesn't usually approve movie adaptations of his work.


I personally can't wait for Zack "300" Snyder's movie adaptation of Watchmen which will be out next year!

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sweet thread man. own a sh*t load of comics. my only issue is........... i need them all.



have the FULL.......yes FULL sin city collection, including the graphic novels..... but i NEED the new dvd editions (£150)



have the v for vendetta series, plus the new graphic novel consign with the movie singed by Alan Moore (i loved forbidden Planet..... frank miller was there in june....... i wante him to a few of the my comics. DAMN)



all have full devil may cry collection and killer 7 series by devils due.



i went to landmark here in lokhandwala, but they are stacked with DC comic. where the best place to go in mumbai

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thanks man, i have to admit, i got in to manga in the end, forbidden planet (religious home to everything...except religion) had the greatest collection of manga, dvd (rare) and games and consoles!


please tell me some here ahs read and watched SAMURAI CHAMPLOO!!!!!!!! and BOONDOCKS




is the AFRO SAMURAI graphic novel and comic out yet?






i need to get Onimusha: Night of Genesis Graphic Novel 2

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@O&E, V For Vendetta was a good movie although it did stray a bit from the book. The way the ending plays out in the book is very different. Instead they chose to put a bullet time fight to keep audiences happy...


Oh yeah and Watchmen is looking good so far! I've heard that Zack Synder refused to change the ending as requested by the studio. The studio apparently wanted a 'happier" ending considering the fact that the graphic novel ends on a bleak note.

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The afro samurai anime was okay but I thought it needed a few more episodes to flesh out the universe a little more. And it's nice to see fellow Alan Moore fans crawling out of the woodwork :P Have you guys read The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?

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