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Music Discussion Thread


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i felt there was a lack 'Shock Value' in his new album.



hiphop dies went 50 cent enter, that guys a commercial by product. when i saw that his album sold..... hiphop died.



but still love my ice cube, Ezzy E, Busta, Dre, Nas tracks....... not to f**king mention Bounty Killer "Gang War Riddim"



but then Cypress Hill and Body-Count are still legends of hiphop/rock collaboration







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any of u into thrash/black metal?


ive been listening to a lot of kenny loggins and slayer lately....not to mention bush and saliva.

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of course u wont like any of the music i posted.....u werent even born when most of that was released






so u mean to say that i cannot listen to music that was released before i was born?


also, i dont like rap or hiphop at all


does that remind u of the previous music discussion thread we had in the earlier forums? :P

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For me, the current rotation is


- Linkin Park - 'Meteora' and 'Minutes to Midnight'

- Daughtry - 'Daughtry'

- "Cars" - Movie Sountrack (love both versions of 'Route 66' and 'Life is a Highway' by Rascal Flatts)

- John Mayer - 'Heavier Things'

- Smallville Soundtrack from Season 1

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