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Check out the following bands...


The Postman Syndrome - Post hardcore/progressive rock

Dredg - progressive rock, somewhat similar to Tool.

Opeth - progressive metal. Guess you already know about them.

Sinch - prog. / hard rock

Cave In - prog. / hard rock / post hardcore


Those are all I can think of at the moment.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Yup, I already knew about Opeth (who doesn't :blush: )


Any more bands on the lines of Alter Bridge, Breaking Benjamin etc?


Poets of the Fall

30 Second To Mars

Stone Sour


Finger Eleven

Mad At Gravity

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^^ A friend and I used to run a fan site for 30 Seconds To Mars a few years back when I was studying. Back then we were the only fansite and hence got recognition from the band and the label. Got some free merchandise as well as advance copies of their CD during that time! Also, Jared Leto (Hollywood actor and the lead singer of the band) emailed us a couple of times.


Good times...

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^^ Yup! Also had a site for Adema. Although they weren't as supportive as 30STM, their drummer once mentioned it during an interview. He said our site was a "cool one" when he was asked what he thought about their internet buzz.

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I had a fanclub on disturbed...its gone for good now.




Not to mention, it must be around some of those 100 pages on disturbed on yahoo groups...always thought of making a site for my fav band papa roach but never did, instead i joined their official fanclub (PRoach Riot) got a membership card, a sticker,a poster AND :-



Their First EVER Album Hit, Old Friends From Young Years.


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just been reading through some of the previous post, trying to keep up. eminem is no a wannabe, he has engraved his name on hall of fame of HipHop.


50 cent is a commercialized by product of MM and Dre. this guy is more commercial than Skin Whiteners and Coca Cola. at the end, its about the words of power and wisdom that come out a rappers mouth........................... the message of social upheaval. 50 cent can't write, can't rap and certainly can't produce.



as i said before HipHop died when 50 sold albums. Nas was right. "HioHop is dead"






but....... there still is hope.........................................

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'Hip hop is dead' is not meant to be take literally, the phrase is used more to protest against the ethics and the ideal of hip hop not being living up to the cause.......


"freedom of speech"


there have been many artist that have taken the route of 50, but then change their ways. but 50 was the worst, as he was appointed by MM and Dre............ they wanted to replace the void left by biggie (RIP) and 2Pac (RIP) ........



but Sam i completely agree on what your saying, but my hate is that, people listen to 50. the guy gives out the wrong msg......to a masses, that are noobs to the understanding of hip hop and its origin.



it ruins the the standard set by the past and present artists.

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