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What you bought this week


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On 8/12/2019 at 3:35 PM, Bird Bird Bird said:

Was looking for a soundbar, but decided to go for one of the big daddies of active 2.1 setups:








Impeccable packing, quality, heft and sound quality. 

Where did you got it from and for how much? 

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8 hours ago, sweetvar26 said:


Oh man, that mouse and design brings back so many memories from my college days, the amount of PC gaming I used to do. Good old times. Probably the best mouse ever, period? 

Yes, best mouse ever.

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Been wanting to purchase the Razer Huntsman Elite for quite a while and I finally pulled the trigger. Quite expensive but hopefully worth it and it will last me long. My current mouse Logitech G602 is an awesome one and still running strong but figured I go within the same line up, so switched that too. 






Some movies and gadgets from the recent Amazon Prime Day sale in America. That combo of 4K Firestick + Echo Dot 3rd gen was $20. Killer deal, so ended up buying two of them. I've also been eying on the Mission Impossible 4K collection and the Jack Ryan 4K collection. Finally got them along with few others, good prices on all these. 


I didn't need a phone but the Razer Phone 2 was pretty much an impulse buy as a back up because of the 120Hz screen. That Chroma LED on the back of the phone is pretty cool but I'm guessing it drains the battery? 





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