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What you bought this week

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New personal best for distance cycled to get video games : 45 KM's.


Had to get siren blood curse, had been on the radar from long, others were cheap casualties to make it more worthwhile.


Cost : 1000 for the four PS3 games from a very dark remote area : a Playstation parlour attached to a kirana shop where 4 player Urban Reign was being played and with a huge poster of San Andreas cheat codes on the wall.



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On 7/28/2019 at 2:57 AM, Aftrunner said:


Oh sweet. Did you set it up? Post pics. 


On 7/28/2019 at 9:05 AM, Chirag2001 said:

Yes do post pictures

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Set it up to test if it works.


Here are some pics: https://imgur.com/a/YzKGjLZ


I was expecting one 140mm fan to arrive on Saturday. FedEx screwed it up. I'll do the cable management today when it arrives as well.


Corsair Carbide SPEC-05 is not bad after all, if you don't care about the HDD bay + front panel. Can even fit a 360mm in this thing. >_>



Edit: All done! https://imgur.com/a/g5ahzvS 👍

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7 hours ago, l33tmaniac said:

Gaming rig after about 10 years. 

- R5 3600

- Gigabyte Aorus X570 Pro

- Gigabyte 2070 Super Gaming OC

- 8x2 3000Mhz GSkill Trident RGB

- 500GB Samsung Evo 860

- 2TB Seagate Barracuda

- LG 24MP59G 75Hz

- CM NR600 case

- Antec EAG650 pro Gold

- CM Masterkeys Pro L (MX Cherry Brown)

- Logitech G102





@ALPHA17 Thanks a ton for all your suggestions! 


nice build 👏👏

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11 hours ago, Chirag2001 said:

For CTR I mean.

How is it? If its fun Ill grab it for the PS4

Havent started playing it yet :) 

will update once i do. But i have heard its really fun.


32 minutes ago, blitzkreiig said:

From where?

Got CTR from Flipkart and Mario from a local store in Lajpat Nagar. 

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1 hour ago, Playstationdude said:

What was the price range for switch games at that shop?

They had major first party games such as mario maker 2, nsmb, mario kart for 4000-4100 


34 minutes ago, Chirag2001 said:

Yes do tell. CTR is relatively new, so did you have to pay full price?

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Flipkart (retailnet) had it on clearance sale i got it for ₹999

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Got the Earfun Free - Olav Edition TWS from their Indiegogo campaign.








Coming from about 4 different TWS, these are just f**king amazing !


I have tried most TWS from the budget champion QCY QS2, Airdots (absolute sh*t in front of QCY) to Bose Soundsport and Jabra 65t, and these sit right at the top. Connection is much better than Jabra, and the call quality is absolutely clear, both for me and the person on the other line. 


Earbuds are mostly tuned for mids, with solid but non booming bass. Good treble too. Soundstage is wider than the others I've listened to. Fun sound quality. 


The charging case is USB C and wireless charging powered, and gets you an additional 24 hours of time. On full charge, the buds give about 6 hours of music time. 


1st set of TWS on which I don't feel the need to put any Comply tips. 


Highly recommended for anybody looking for a pair of TWS. Much more value than buds costing 3 times it's price. Got it for 49 USD during the campaign period. 


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