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The TV Decision Making Thread


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11 hours ago, Bird Bird Bird said:

Maybe they have improved. Mine is a 2019 model. But it is a bitter experience. In contrast the LG C8 is just blazing through without any lags even now (2018 model). No issues, just pure simple stuff that works. 
Had to pony up money and buy a soundbar for Sony. Whereas the sound from LG is good enough for casual listening, clear dialogues, decent bass. 

2019/2020 models had the older chip.

I face a few issues you have mentioned.

From 2021, they added a co-processor and things have improved.

It's still not as fluid but Android has flexibility ex: installing F1 app when it's not available in India.

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11 hours ago, AnK said:

Getting C2 for 1lkh….


Is there any other better display in similar range out there?!?


I have time…..

New and packed unit?

Make sure you check it thoroughly, plenty of stories where demo/refurbished units are being peddled as new after resetting their total usage time.

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My TV has again started giving problems so between Qn90b or X90k. 


Anyone has these tvs and whats the price offline? I see on samsung corporate 83k for 50 inch not looking for 55 not sure of sony 

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On 11/29/2022 at 3:23 AM, Bhpian Bali said:

I have QN90 50 inch tv. The samsung tv app is the default app and the streaming is so fast that it feels like I have cable connection. The selection of channels is decent as well. 

Which one is your B or C I'm also looking for 50 inch 

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50 minutes ago, DinJo said:

Has anyone purchased tv from Samsung store website? Qn90b is going for 65k for 50 inch 




Not sure about that but last month I bought A80J from amazon for about 1L with card discounts etc. Its not a new model but for 55 inch Bravia OLED panel I think it was a fair price. OLED tech hasn't progressed much beyond making them more and more bright, and since my room is almost always dimly lit, I don't need 3000 nit panels lol.

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