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Best of Luck to Nemanja Vidic. Was (and still is) a Monster of a defender. One of very, very VERY few CBs that matched up to Drogba in his prime giving him a tough fight and problems on occasions.


Has been an amazing servant to his club and has been adorned with multiple titles plus the captain armband, really you cant ask for a better career.

Was a treat to watch (except when playing against chelsea) with his hard, no nonsense eastern europe style of defending (hope ivanovic keeps on carrying that legacy in EPL :D).


Best of luck in Italy :good:

am sure united will miss you and that, in a way is good for the rival competing club :D

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Gutted absolutely gutted. Still cant believe we drew against valladolid. :(

no way we gonna win la liga now. Hope atletico wins it


the way we played in 1st half i knew we r not gonna score from open play. Ramos gave some hope but it was coming

Benz is sh*t without Ronaldo and bale. His link up is great with ronaldo and bale but without them he was clueless. :doh:

Morata had a bad night.


Jese we miss u :samui::cry:

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Good result. :rofl:


Derp Madrid out of the title race if Atletico beat Malaga on Sunday at home. :dance::dance:


Barcelona will lift La Liga if they beat Elche and Atletico (even by 1 goal, H2H: 1:1, then GD(?)).


What a crazy season!

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Sunderland won yet again. 14th in the table now. Norwich City are pretty much relegated. 3 points and 17 goals from safety with a game to go.


Man City are winning the title. Can see them blowing it against West Ham. I can still hope for a Liverpool win (there's a tiny chance) but I won't be dissapointed if we don't.

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Well so the dust has settled and best of luck liverpool as u have a great young squad for years to come.. coming second if the last step to reaching the top.. plz dnt take any of my comments to ur heart.. :) and azaan bro.. meri taraf se dhaba mein party.. :P

Peace :)


Done :)

Liverpool fans are all like they are the only team that's going to improve next year.


One bad season for United and they are acting like we are the Everton/Spurs/Liverpool and even that was due to the fact that we had Mr Moyes calling shots.


Come next season and with our squad we will finish top 4. What would be interesting to see is how Brenton manages his squad with Champions League and given his shady transfer record. Plus it would be interesting to see how Suarez will react when Real comes calling.


Next season?

Fact is youll should be above both us and Arsenal atleast with your current squad.

Shady transfer record? Imagine how much Sturridge is worth now. Borini is already back and improved. Coutinho has been a revelation. The way I see it I dont think its bad but yes managing 2 competitions will present a bigger challenge


^ lol. And to think that the same people are now making fun of them for coming second is even more funny :lol:




P. S - Azaan mere bhai don't get so angry. Not your style.


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Yup Ive been rattled

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