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5 hours ago, goDofWar_skr said:

The team is not good enough to play in Div 1.. Better get relegated and set yet another record :ranting:


50m for Fred is the greatest robbery in football history. He's not good at anything. 


United 2 points above relegation...can we do the impossible like Leicester but relegate instead of winning? Bunch of useless players. 

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Yeah Fred is one of the worst midfielder I have ever seen, on par with Bakayoko at Chelsea. He just can't pass forward. And defensively is also sh*t. Even the Commentators took a piss on him:

"United are so desperate for a goal now that even Fred will have to pass it forward"


"There is no way Fred will take that free kick because that would mean passing the ball forward"


Hilarious. Liverpool fans must be hoping that Ole doesn't get sacked before IB so that their team can once again lead to sacking of United manager.

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Take that Haters. The Champion has spoken.





Ready to fight

Training hard

Wont leave before 2021


Hell yeah baby :punk:


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Fk off greasy c*nt Emery :furious:


3 DMs against sheff united . Chu saala


Wheres Ozil? 


Took off Pepe instead of Saka while saka did fk all whole game :ko:


This idiot of a coach needs to go.


Had 2 weeks to work for this game and what did he do??


Fkķkkkk offfffff

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