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For the first time, i left watching an Arsenal match mid way. Tee was put on,the thrill of derby was there,so excited and all of it was just gone by 40 mins.


Side way f**king bullshit, over reliance on individual brilliance. Thats it to Artetas arsenal. 


Hes dropped ozil for what? This sh*t. Atleast with ozil we will be creative and could see some old arsenal magic but now there is hardly any buildup play. No link ups. No angles. No chemistry.


Fcker pepe plays as if hes already messi. Eddie n willock are sh*t. Ceba is not what we need.


sh*t defensive tactics. Highest goal scorer showed off on the wings. Fcking nkitah is played in the middle. Too much changing. Pressing not seen. 


Saka,tierney,Auba n Martinez only good. 


Arteta can f**k himself off. 

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The only reason we won, I think is because Liverpool played worse than us and had an 'off' night. Worked out well for us, as it was a much-needed win.


Our goals were gifts. Apart from those gifted attempts which turned into goals, we only had one other attempt in the entire match. Liverpool had over 20.


Our defense gave me mini heart attacks as usual, but Liverpool couldn't capitalise.


Manchester City is next and if we play like this, then... :fear:

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Some very good goals in this game.. 
TAA with sublime cross n a free kick



United needs to win against Lei now to secure the 4th spot.. Although its possible to go through if both games are drawn too

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