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6 hours ago, Joe Cool said:


Amazing how 1 player can change the team so much. Bruno has been nothing but fantastic. 


He comes on and every attack look dangerous. 

Absolulety,  the leadership and mentality he brings to the team is invaluevable.  

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34 minutes ago, Joe Cool said:

Everyone reporting Lamps sacked. Thomas Tuchel to take over. 


Very harsh though to sack him based on this year's results. Should have given him more time. He would have sorted this mess out next season.

havertz is still recovering from the effects of covid imo and needs a bit more time. Timo needs to be played in his natural position.


But i guess tuchel coming in will boost the confidence of these 2 guys and will definitely benefit pulisic. 

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Lampard’s Chelsea sacking: Tension with Marina, unhappy players and secret job offers

  • Lampard’s relationship with influential director Marina Granovskaia deteriorated
  • Ralf Rangnick was offered interim job last week for four months but turned it down
  • Calls were made in recent weeks to sound out Leipzig’s Julian Nagelsmann
  • Leicester game was tipping point and morning after spent trying to finalise successor
  • Lampard shook players hands and thanked them for efforts under him after Leicester match
  • Petr Cech involved in talking to new stars’ agents as form dipped
  • Some players complained about lack of tactical instruction and not being spoken to for months
  • Desire to re-sign Declan Rice annoyed his bosses
  • The dressing room felt manager showed no empathy and were hurt by his public criticism
  • Lampard would have walked out had he been working for any club other than Chelsea
  • Tensions behind the scenes really began to emerge during the January transfer window 12 months ago. Lampard asked for Arsenal forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who was considering leaving Emirates Stadium at that juncture, and Ajax’s attacking midfielder Hakim Ziyech. Neither arrived that month
  • It was at this juncture that Mauricio Pochettino, who had been fired by Tottenham in November 2019, and RB Leipzig coach Nagelsmann were being mentioned as a potential “plan B”.
  • Things were becoming more tense with Granovskaia and one of the biggest points of contention was the treatment of goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga. “They clashed over Kepa. Lampard put in a request for a replacement and was told he should try putting his arm around Kepa, to help build his confidence. Lampard was insistent though.”
  • Lampard wanted the club to sign West Ham midfielder Declan Rice and pushed for him again ahead of January. But some at the club had reservations about re-signing the player who was released from the academy as a teenager.
  • In December The Athletic were told: “He needs to stop pushing for Rice or he’ll lose his job. The hierarchy are very wary about the potential embarrassment of buying back an academy reject at huge expense.”
  • Of the six players to join, only Ben Chilwell was a Lampard target.
  • Plan was not only to acquire Rice, who Lampard felt could be converted into a top centre back as well as using him as a defensive midfielder, but also to buy James Tarkowski from Burnley. Defenders earmarked to go were Fikayo Tomori, Marcos Alonso, and Rudiger. There was even talk that Lampard was open to the idea of captain Cesar Azpilicueta departing.
  • After the Manchester City game, Roman became “very, very unhappy”. After the season relationship between Roman and Lampard was "strong"
  • Tuchel was reluctant to come midway through the season initially but was eventually persuaded, having almost taken the Stamford Bridge job before Antonio Conte a few years ago. He felt it was too good a job to turn down.
  • “The problem was, the manager didn’t talk to the players — well only the ones he liked"
  • One senior player told The Athletic that Lampard staying on for the rest of the season would have been a ‘catastrophe’, with the levels of tension in the dressing room too high to recover from and players comparing his criticism of performances to Jose Mourinho in his final days at the club.
  • By the Fulham game in early January, players were expecting Lampard to be sacked if they didn’t win
  • Lampard warned everyone, including the hierarchy, that a title bid was unlikely in 2020-21, that the arrivals would require patience to settle into a new league and country.


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Martial is getting shittier  day by day.


He's been terrible this season.



Yep, its theirs to lose now, with the form they're in, they'll run away with it. 


Team form is pretty bad against big 6.


Draw against City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal. 

Loss against Spurs and Arsenal


6 games. 1 goal. 0 wins. Can't score at all. 

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