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Very good weekend entertainment..


Although I have no hopes for that united team though.. The quality of football they are playing is abysmal.. All the other games are far more entertaining to watch

I'm now convinced that the whole atmosphere around the club is such that it is deteriorating for the players..

Players like di maria, depay, sanchez and now martial, rashford, pogba, bruno all suffered a loss in their form/performance due to this environment.. No wonder once they moved to other clubs or play with the national team, they perform far better

Changes need to happen throughout the club.. just changing managers every now n then wont solve anything


Fingers crossed for the new season.

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I think this is my first post here in The Football Thread. Despite our best efforts, we lost the title race again by 1 point (after scoring 90+ points on both occasions). It seems impossible to get past Pep Guardiola's Manchester City in the league. The most difficult part in football is to play beautiful football and be effective at the same time, and they do it like it's no big deal. They are incredible! :majesty:
Congratulations to them!  :)


Now, let's come to the real reason for making this post:
Premier League has completed 30 years. I was wondering how every team performed in these 3 decades. When I looked at the all-time table, I found the numbers to be just too large for me to understand and compare (some top teams have played like 1,100+ games). To make things simple, I decided to make a table summarising 30-year record into a 38-game table.
When I converted record from 1,100+ games to 38 games, the numbers naturally got stretched into decimal values. I tried my best to keep the numbers as close to the actual overall value as possible while rounding them off.
Eligibility: Teams which have played at least 10 seasons (or 380 games) in the Premier League.


Here's the link:


English Premier League (1993-2022) table


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Jose Mourinho becomes the first manager to win European trophies with 4 different clubs after winning Europa conference league with Roma.  He may have fallen from the top but he's still one of the all time greats imo.  

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Lewandowski to Barcelona - done deal for 45 mil Euros.

This after Barcelona paid almost 60 mil Euros for Raphinha. And few free agents like Christensen. 

When you add the business they did last January - they seem to be doing pretty good for a club which was  "broke " :P

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