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16 hours ago, civilconstitution said:

My career is a kind of rocky. Always ups and downs. Bumpy as hell. Last year I was fine, but this time I am jobless. My former colleagues persuade me to go layboard and find a job outside India. They say I will get a higher pay. But at the same time I have my family here and I am not quite certain of myself. Maybe I need to start looking for some freelance vacancies there?

What is your qualification? And previous work experience? 

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On 6/22/2022 at 9:43 PM, harjas said:

Anyone here who works as a designer/ Product Designer/ UI/UX?


I work as a Product Manager in a game dev studio. But we also have Game Designers, UI/UX designers (Gaming specific). I can connect you to product designers and UI/UX people in non gaming settings as well, DM me what youre looking for exactly.

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On 2/7/2022 at 3:30 PM, Bird Bird Bird said:


Shittiest practice ever, man. 

Most recruiters will ask for it before even talking about the overall job. 


Yeah its till the case in most companies, however in tech jobs in bangalore, the culture is changing. Asking past CTC itself is frowned upon in some startups, asking for payslips is becoming quite rare. In fact a lot of really confident candidates dont even disclose their own number when negotiating pay, they wait for the company to give a number or force them to give out their budget for the role, so as to not settle on a number which is lower than what they could get.

Its all about leverage

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On 1/8/2022 at 5:08 PM, Sach4life said:


You don't really need any experience for doing MBA in Indian colleges which require CAT score. However, in colleges such as ISB, which take GMAT scores, minimum requirement is there. From my experience, a candidate with 1-2 years of experience is perfect. Anything more (more than 3+) is too much and your risk getting low shortlists during placements. Again, this applies to non-GMAT colleges. In ISB, its preferable if you have at least 4-5 years of experience, if not more.

For ISB, 5+ years is a little on the higher side. 2-3 is golden. Trick is to have the right kind of experience before getting into ISB. Its a college for people who know exactly where they want to go, what kind of transition they want to do. For those people its the highest ROI program, for people who dont know what they really want to do going forward, and are just doing an MBA to "improve the their job profile" it more than often doesnt give them the kind of return that is possible with an ISB MBA.

Reason: it is a one year, post experience program. You dont get a chance to do any internships, during placements companies shortlist on the basis of your GPA (only some) and most shortlist on the basis of your prior experience. Placements happen after 4 terms. The first 4 terms are so hectic that you are just struggling to maintain a good GPA, where will you get the time to think about a different career. Contrast this with someone who has prior experience as an SDE and wants to transition to PM, or someone with IB or consulting experience, who wants to transition to a better IB or MBB consulting, they will know exactly what to do, exactly what to study and exactly how to prepare for interviews. Those are the people who get the highest ROI year after year. Also ISB is the best bschool in India for consulting, tech jobs, general management jobs, for finance you are better off with IIM ABC, or even SP jain (since its in Mumbai) or MDI ( good fin placements) 

So as someone who has gone through all this, my advice is think more about what you want to do and do you even need an MBA to do it (Mostly, increasingly, the answer is no), and if yes, then how exactly will that MBA help you. Once you have answered that question, everything else becomes clear.

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Guys not sure if gaming industry jobs can be posted here. Do let me know If I violate any rules by posting this, and I'll take it down. The email in the post below is of my colleague who is the hiring manager for this role.

We at LILA games are developing a world class F2P shooter game for Mobile and PC. We are now looking for QA testers of any experience level.


If you have any of the three qualities below, you are a good fit and please apply at the following link.

  • Do you love playing mobile shooter games
  • Do you have any experience in QA for games
  • Do you have a drive to learn and you are hardworking

The role is based in Bangalore, and will be in office only. Top of the line testing equipment will be provided to the employee along with benefits like company sponsored lunches and a fully stocked pantry.

LILA offers best in class compensation packages and we are strongly committed to providing a platform for deserving employees to access best possible career opportunities. You will have access to game industry leaders from across the world.

Apply Now at the link below, if you have further questions about the role, email directly to Yash@lilagames.com


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