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Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

Bird Bird Bird

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1 hour ago, playstationdude said:

Is anyone coming down from Australia in or post June'23? Would really appreciate your help in getting a game down. The preorders are sold out in US and Uk


Tears of the Kingdom CE ? :P:tongue:

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2 minutes ago, Nathan.Drake said:

Reached out to almost all local authorized dealers, Nobody was giving deals similar to this, max was ₹900 at imagine store. 

Checked iCrest they also have the same deal. They have a few stores in Delhi/NCR and I have purchased from them before so it looks like a legit deal. 

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Samsung S21 FE going for 34,999 at Flipkart. This is the lowest price I have seen for this phone which used to retain around 50K some time back. 



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26 minutes ago, TheGothamChampion said:

Does anyone have kotak bank credit card? 

I just asked 2 posts above, doesn't seem likt it! :(

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15 hours ago, VelivolusDas said:

Man, quite a few BSB fans here. :P

They’re back, alright

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22 hours ago, Bird Bird Bird said:


Who isnt ? :O


Sooooo wanted to attend the concert, but travelling on those dates. :samui:

But do you Want it that way?

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