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**The Gamertag Thread**


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post ur xbl gts here so other indians can communicate and game with u....


mine new 1 is - Gh0stRid3rZ - previously i was using b33ych....


Here is the link to the XBL GT thread from the old forums:


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i think we should make it compulsory for members to post their gamertags and LIST THE GAMES THEY PLAY ONLINE.


that would help a lot.


anyway mine is




games played online :


gears of war

rainbow six vegas

call of duty 3

virtua tennis 3

burnout revenge

battlefield modern combat


nba homecourt

forza motorsport 2

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Post your Gold Gamer Tags and your preferred games


PS No discussions here please this is a GT repository. Lets keep it clean. There are respective threads for online games. If not please create one

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dude everyone has thier gt written below thier respective avatars so i think this thread should be locked as the gt is asked by the forum at time of registering and everyone can see it so i dont think this thread should exist

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As we all know that xbox live is finally here.Some of us have already changed their Gamertags and some will do it in the future.So kindly post your gamertags so that you can add and be added by other gamers on IndianVideoGamer.Or you can even post your existing Gamertag which you might use if you dont intend to changing your GT.

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UK GT: Makatak9777

Indian GT:Makatak97777


I will be using my Uk GT for online as i cant transfer my Gamescores and Halo - 3 medals etc...

Indian GT is for only Marketplace if and when they have interesting stuff which i highly doubt it...

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