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~The TV Shows Thread~


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35 minutes ago, DinJo said:

Today i played Sex Education Ep 1 only seen for 15 mins but couldnt find much fun.

Season 1 Ep1?


You will have to give it one full episode at least imo. In order to set up the character and stuff. 


to people who haven't watched it: its so much more than, well s-e-x, give it a shot its great 

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1 hour ago, STICK3Rboy said:


There's talk about how Midnight Mass is Flanagan's best work yet. Really looking forward to it.


Yea, I've seen that floating around as well. His output rate vs. quality is just crazy, and he somehow found time to do a full length movie in between.

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3 hours ago, 0verlord said:


yeah, more nuance to the character and good development. Shame that they cut the arc short during the later half

Wanted to see more about her story  ….why cut it short :/ finished episode 5 right now….was good but I liked first half of the season than what’s happening post episode 4

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