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~The TV Shows Thread~


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Wheel of Time episode 6 - Hmm, didn't enjoy it much. Took 2-3 sitting to finish it.


Too much time spent with Siuan and oath while giving other characters nothing. 


Matt and Rand with no dialogues. Can't stand Nynaeve anymore. They successfully made a character to dislike. In fact, the entire cast is a stereotype addition instead of an actual character due to no development. 


Good stuff - the set looked stunning and so were the costumes. Logain steals every scene. Need more of him. 


Only 2 episodes left. Feels like we need at least 20 episodes per season at this pace. There seem to be so much to tell and show but is plagued with poor pacing and not enough time. 😒

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20 hours ago, hellblazer33 said:

guys any more shows like arcane and love,death and robots?


I don't think there is anything like Arcane. It is just unique and so well done.


You can try other maybe similar shows like Levius, Dragon prince, Castlevania, Clone wars. 

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2 hours ago, him2anshu said:

Today was season finale.


1 hour ago, harsh1387 said:

A travesty. 

We needed more. 

Last 8 minutes was award winning acting by everyone. Absolutely brilliant tv.  

Sadly next season may come by end of next year as writing is still going on. 


WTF I thought it was next week. Damn. f**k HBO for making only 9 episodes.

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