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~The TV Shows Thread~


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Mixed reactions about Halo episode 2. Premise is interesting but i keep on comparing it with the games/books and it falls short. But think of it as a non canon standalone tale and its pretty good.

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6 minutes ago, Bhpian Bali said:

That was the semi spoiler i spoke about 😑

I haven't watched either but people told me its 2.5 and should be watched after season 2.

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Another great episode of Moon Knight. That night sky scene was really 'Mental'. General people in MCU should have been normalised by now of witnessing such incidents happening every week. The OST was giving AC Origins vibes.



Jake Lockley is confirmed to arrive soon and he might have his own iteration of the Khonshu armor or the suit.



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6 hours ago, Ne0 said:

There's a season 4 already ? I stopped after season 1, how are the later seasons ?

But why did you stop after 1st season?,eh 

Or i would say how can you stop ?

Bro its something different from any other show,after season one its keep getting better and better.

Last season was my fav.and i thought it would be the last one but next season on the way:wOOtjumpy:

Lets see how this one goes.



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18 minutes ago, STICK3Rboy said:


I liked it. Pop Squad is probably my favourite short in the entire series.

That one was good but I didn't like the overall quality both in terms of narrative and uniqueness. 

I remember so many shorts from the first season but almost nothing from second. 

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