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~The TV Shows Thread~


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What an amazingly brillant Season 3.

More darker, more twisty and the season finale has to be one of the best. Bill Hader is the most talented guy in film making right now. His writing and direction was top notch in previous seasons but in this one his acting has gone several notches up. Already renewed for Season 4 and the way this season ended i have no clue what's gonna happen in that.. 

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Finished invincible season 1 

Last episode was unnecessarily extremely violent lol. Overall it's an overhyped show imo :P


Stranger things S4 so far has been phenomenal. 


NExt on the list , the boys season 3, moon knight , boba Fett , etc etc :bigyellowgrin:


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Saw both episodes of Ms Marvel. Liked it a lot. Editing and music is fantastic. Very Edgar Wright inspired.


The Desi touch is very very well done. Feels super authentic. Enjoying this show a lot more than i thought I would. 

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It's Six years since Kung fu Panda 3. Wish they would make 4th already or just say we are done.

Anyway Jack Black is back as PO in this Netflix series . Trailer looks okay  . Will definitely check it out

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15 hours ago, dante77 said:


Typical elitist mentality.

I have never seen a John Abraham movie in theater and even on OTT i don't watch them. He makes rubbish movies and still thinks he is one of the Khan's with stardom. 

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