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~The TV Shows Thread~


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Home shanti on hotstar is another lovely,sweet,perfect,relatable series from TVF guys.

Similar to gullak but third part was little serious in the last.on the other hand Home shanti is a fun ride .




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Watched Super Pumped on Voot. The story of Travis and Uber. The first two episodes are intense, funny, inspiring, and got me hooked. The rest are kinda meh. The cast is really good, and some moments and sequences are worth getting into. Not really recommended but do catch the first two episodes if you're so inclined. Gives a nice little glimpse into the way today's kings from Silicon Valley think, and their frame of mind. 

They're shaping this world as they see fit. And they truly believe they're there to make it better, as they see better. It's a frame of mind, and in some weird way, is inspiring. 


Side rant: Voot app on Apple TV is the worst sh*t I've experienced. If you think LIV app is bad, Voot takes it to a level unimaginable. Not sure how Apple approved it too.

The skip back and forward do not work. The subtitles aren't available to select. The info menu, that you get when you slide down on the touchpad is intermittent, which means it'll show up if it wants to. It will never remember your list or videos you've watched. You can never just open the app and continue. Did I mention that skip back and forward DO NOT WORK? Because they don't. Skip. Holy hell. 

It did offer multi-channel audio though so there's that :lol: 

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