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~The TV Shows Thread~


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Knight Rider was the trend setter and had much more varied plot lines compared to Street Hawk and Air Wolf. And KITT rocks. Which other show can boast of a sentient wisecracking super car ?


EDIT: Not to mention that KITT was based on the iconic Pontiac Trans-Am. Neither Street Hawk nor Air Wolf were based on real life vehicles.


maybe, but we like SH better :D !

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Okay. i watch a lot of them, hard to believe, but i do :( All i do is download them everyday and watch them [of course]I watch a lot[3 lol] of medical shows as i'm in my 2 year mbbs.I think learn a lot from watching house than at those lectures put together.:lol:



Prison Break

Family guy



Veronica mars[canned after 3 seasons]


Greys anatomy

going to start Private practice this fall[the GA spinoff]


South park

The office



you count animes as tv shows?

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OC was pretty decent .... but i prefer one tree hill.... its more believable .... and the basketball coccept is sweet :dance:



house is also good .... but so many of their analogies are wrong .... but people dont pick it up as they put it all in medical terms and we belive it....


all im waiting for is prison break season 3....


after watching this i jus cant wait for the season to air.... fukin insane promo .... 17 minutes of the first episode.... truely a dick tease .... :(



PART 1 -



PART 2 -


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