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~The TV Shows Thread~


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Then you can buy or rent them, cant you ?


And face it buddy, no good show having live actors goes on forever.


All Ekta kapoor's serials seems to go on and on and on....God knows when India will be liberated by Ekta Kapoor's torture shows :( !!

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How can this not be irritating?


"I, "raspy breathing" I have the suspect "raspy breathing" in sight "raspy breathing" "raspy breathing" "raspy breathing" . Contact XYZ "raspy breathing" "raspy breathing" and tell them "raspy breathing" not to let the President "raspy breathing" out of sight "raspy breathing" "raspy breathing" "raspy breathing" "


Tick Tock Tick Tock


Commercial Break.

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Season 6 of 24 almost made me stop watching the show.Almost.But i love Kiefer Sutherland[in a platonic way] and i'll probably watch it till it ends.


Btw, People watch these two new shows. They're awesome


Burn Notice - cia agent+nice story etc. Although it feels a bit prison breakish.

Californication - Awesome 'sex' comedy ;)

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