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~The TV Shows Thread~


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started downlading burn notice but stopped after a few episodes...instead of making it about how he got burned and making it interesting, theyve made it all about him helping out people in distress...but gabrielle anwar is hot


Yeah she is :P But Hopefully they'll ,make it better next season.

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i lov heroes.......heroes is the best thing that happend to tv.......prison break is also amazing.......lost s1 was nice season 2 was truly amazing n season 3 the second half was pretty gud......


gud tv shows to watch ojn tv when youre gettin bored n flicking through the channels is my wife n kids n still standing

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Saw the season finale of oc 3..

Still hurts that it has been canned after 4..But feel happy that i hav 1 more season to watch..

OC should have been canned after the first episode


has anyone here watched 'studio 60 on the sunset strip'? it has the best ensemble cast of any show on TV right now....also the humour in this show is so intelligent and well-timed, it puts every sitcom to shame....its so sad that this show was canned after one season


Studio 60 rocks... aaron sorkin is a genius

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South Park wins Emmy for World of Warcraft episode


From Joystiq





Last night the South Park episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft" won the Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program (less than one hour). If you still haven't seen the episode since we first reported the nomination in July, you can now always rent or buy the 10th season DVD set of South Park which includes the episode.


Season 10 also includes the episode where Cartman freezes himself so when he wakes up the Wii will be available -- things go horribly wrong. So go check out the Emmy-winning episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft" and the two-parter "Go God Go" for your South Park meets video game entertainment needs.



This episode honestly deserved the Emmy. Brilliant stuff !!

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