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~The TV Shows Thread~

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8 hours ago, mohit9206 said:

All 3 seasons are great.

If you asking about Fargo then season 2 is just as awesome as S1.


I was talking about Better Call Saul. Not sure if I should start with Fargo season 3 or Better Call Saul Season 2.


7 hours ago, BoRa28 said:


Better call saul.. Season two is pretty cool
M on season three.. Just feel that its a bit slow as compared to the first two.

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I found season 1 of Better Call Saul a bit slow :fear1:


It was good nonetheless.



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MasterChef season 8 new episode was super rude with the elimination. 


She was clear out but damn, that was a flinty way to send someone home. nlxUqJl.png 


done with HoC, boring S05 but last few episodes were good, but yeah, dragged on as hell.


Pretty much every season bar one has been like that. Good moments/episodes and then dragged and gets boring. 


On 6/27/2017 at 1:06 AM, Mizanurification said:

Finished fargo season 3. definitely better than s2. 


Still, prefer the first season. But season 3 is definitely better than season 2 for sure.

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So, I finally finished HOUSE.
Yes, I had seen the series long time back but never saw final 2 episodes. Loved it so much just couldn't bring myself to see it ending.
I must say the finale was absolutely brilliant and very perspective to who House is as a person. Everybody lies after all.

Also, the 23rd episode which is a making of house is really good. Gives a great insight how much hard work everyone has put into making even one episode.

I think HOUSE is the best character ever written on Tv. Even better than Walter White. Probably because he was so eccentric and unpredictable.

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