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~The TV Shows Thread~

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The Kominsky Method - Season 2 is out on Netflix 
How was the first season?
Watched Jack Ryan season 2. Very underwhelming. Everything is toned down.<_ villain is a joke.>
True. 3 episodes in and I am yet to get excited over anything. Too generic so far.

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11 hours ago, Bird Bird Bird said:

Reiterating - The Morning Show is tits. I didn't see the trailer, went without a clue, and got hooked. 


Same. Last night I thought I'd give it 15 minutes just to see what Apple's content was about, and the show turned out to be pretty engrossing. The performances are top notch and the writing is quite intricate. I ended up watching all three episodes. On my phone. While in bed. That usually does not happen. 

Cinematography is outstanding. The NY pans, specially at night on OLED are fantastic. 


PS: was "f**k" and other stuff while in context of expressing the act muted for you too? So weird. Adverb or adjective use, which was most of it, wasn't. 

I knew some sh*t would find its way as soon as I saw "व/A". :wallbash:

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tv+ so far:


1. Morning Show is really great. Watched the first episode and I want to watch more. The product placement is something I cant not notice.

2. Dickinson is also great. Funny, Quirky and unique compared to the shows I watch.

3. I don't like See. I couldnt watch after the first 20 minutes, I dont really find post apocalyptic series where they behave like tribals engrossing. Like The 100, that show I dropped after 1 season.

4. For All Mankind is very America space race centric and since I dont have much knowledge about that history, I dont find it really interesting. I will give it another chance because it has Booty Spivot.


No one even asked or will ask Apple to censor things in India, their content has nothing to do with either religion or politics of India and their target audience would definitely not mind uncensored content. They self censored. Also, songs in Apple Music are censored by default but you can allow Explicit Content, so I would like to see such a setting for tv+ as well.

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Finished Narcos Mexico (which was slow as f**k for the 1st 5 epis, and went OMFGBBQ from E6). Great series, all the seasons. Not a single dull moment. I think all the stories, whether it be Escobar, Cali Cartel or Miguel, all of them were very well done. I wish we could see more of Cali cartel (like 2 seasons for Escobar).


Started El Chapo, and while it's good, not really as fast paced as Narcos. Still worth a watch. 


Anybody seen Queen of the South ?

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